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carliferates : im getting a phone and my mom said only a cheap one so its the xenon or the vu should i get the xenon or the vu i want the xenon but im afarid once i get it i will be mad and wont be able to change it and im with rogers

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ojeaciekre : According to the FBI, it has the absolute very highest murder rate of all 50 states, - more than TWICE the national average - only exceeded by the absolute pits of despair known as DC and Puerto Rico (neither of which are states):

Why? It seems like Louisiana has no excuse for this behavior.

Louisiana has a high rate of church attendance, which means that Louisianans know about the 6th commandment "thou shalt not kill".

Louisiana has very friendly gun laws, concealed-carry laws, and self-defense laws.

Louisiana has no major cities - just New Orleans, which is small by the standards of big cities like NYC or LA. So it doesn't have "big city" problems.

And yet, it manages to have the highest murder rate of any state in the union.

Why are Louisianans so uniquely violent among all types of Americans?
"It's law is based on the Napoleonic code."

Okay... but that doesn't explain much. France uses a similar legal system, and France's murder rate is about ten times lower than Louisiana. So does Quebec. Same deal there.
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Evarroria : The swamp, and scitters drive us nuts.I am in Shreveport La, right now, and it sucks. I hate this town. I hate Louisiana.
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likelucyru : maybe a lot of people need killin...

or perhaps its the swamp gas...
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xmentalistem : High blacks that want money and more drugs
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islightina : gators
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Exerierok : It's law is based on the Napoleonic code.
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andremartin : Lots of inbreeding brings the general intelligence level down, a primitive society provokes violence, its a primitive way of settling differences, there is lots of drinkin and there are lots of guns, people have fundamentalist Christianity to excuse any sin they commit without taking responsibility for it. its a garden of eden for gun violence, you couldn't ask for better conditions to encourage lots of gun violence.
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Celeexewpeabe : It is interesting that you did not mention the city with our nation's highest murder rate, Obama's home town, Chicago.
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clonecd840 : Um, New Orleans has a very high murder rate. Some years it's the murder capital of the country. Just because it's smaller than NYC doesn't mean it's free of big city problems. New Orleans had a staggering murder rate. Baton Rouge was high as well. The rest of Louisiana was a lot less violent.

A major issue is that there is a long history of political corruption and police corruption. People don't trust the NOPD. You also have a long history of incompetence in the district attorney's office. As a result, the inner city has its own justice system. If a gang member kills someone, he's more likely to face street justice than court justice.
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