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KerBitoethict : would i get in trobble if it is stolen im not sure but is there a risk if it is? hes not the most trustworthy friend.

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gestundurgire : My entire Federal Taxes were garnished by the UIA for the State of Michigan, however, I had a zero balance. I was originally subject to restitution charges due to an error in paperwork, but have corrected this issue and all restitution charges were dropped over a year prior to this garnishment. State of Michigan UIA acknowledges that this garnishment has been a mistake and that they have received my money, however they have not acted to pay me back for nearly 2 months. Is there a legal action or charges that I should/could be owed for them not paying me back in a timely manor?
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Reommodeswaks : Perhaps you should contact an attorney to get this straightened out before you're due another refund.
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likelucyru : I have a minor in possession charge that i got booked for 2 days ago.Its a long story so ill put it at the end if you want to read it. I talked to a family friend who is an attorney. He said i should be offered the diversion charge. Im joining the navy so he said tell them all about that and dress up nice. There is no need to hire a lawyer he said. I have court in 4 days. What should i expect? Do i have to right something on paper about what happened or before court starts is it offered to me? Still a little confused. I need the best outcome possible.

Last night My friend called and asked if i wanted to go to the beach for the third of July. I said ya ill go. When i got to his house he had an 18 rack of bud light and wanted to know ifill drink it with him. I said you can but not me. I dont drink. We drove to the beach and parked about a mile away. Its very crowded on the third. We walk down and he is carrying his bag. About halfway he gets tired of carrying it and asks me to for a little bit. Stupidly i said yes and carried it. We passed some cops on bikes and they searched the bag and since i was carrying it even though its not mine i got arressted and him let go even though he said it was all his and not mine. Im 18 and hes 17. I went to jail and had a 40$ booking fee. This is my first offense ever and am concerned what will happen about my SO contract i have and leave in November.I called my recruiter but she hasnt picked up so i left her a voice mail telling her a brief story to what happened.
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Pusakates : Hi, I'm involved in a personal injury suit against a Bar here in Atlanta.. Back in March of this year, I was leaving a Sports-Bar with my girlfriend when a bouncer opened my car door, pulled me out from my car and punched me in the face several times in front of her, she called the police / 911.. I suffered black eyes and a fractured nose and back injuries from the incident and had to visit the ER. The bouncer stated to police the reason he attacked me was because I was making threats against an employee while at the bar.. Funny thing was I have half a dozen witnesses who were with me who told police I never spoke to any of the employee's other than to order drinks.. A friend of mine recommended a Personal Injury Attorney here in Atlanta.. I set up a time to met her, at the first meeting the attorney said she would handle my case, said she would sue the business or insurance company of the Sports bar where I was attacked... She even lowered her Contingency fee from 33% to 25% and waved all initial small fee's.. I was very satisfied and signed the agreement paperwork to allow her to represent me..

Here's the problem. It's been about 4 months since I've spoken to her ( My lawyer ).. Her Paralegal ( Jennifer ) whom I was told I would be communicating mostly with on my case, never follows thru with anything... When I signed up with this law office they said after I finished all my treatment's they would need to get copies of all Medical bills and paper work dealing with the physical injuries I sustained from the attack... I finished my surgery, and physical therapy back in June.. After finishing everything, I called the lawyer's office and spoke with the paralegal.. She said to simply email her the names and phone numbers of all the doctors, and they would have the paper work sent to their office so they can move forward with this... Today, I contacted all 3 doctors offices, and all 3 of them said they have heard nothing from my attorney's office??? The paralegal said to Email her back in June which I did... I don't really understand why they would wait 4+ weeks to get my paperwork but this is really pissing me off because I'm starting to get tons of Medical bills sent to my home.. On top of that, but my settlement can't move forward until they get the paperwork.. The doctors offices all said their paper work was complete and they are just waiting for the attorney's to call them and have them fax it up to them? How do I deal with this?
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mLenter : Sure you can fire him, just load up your shotgun and put some plastic wrap in the boot of your car.
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Inwance : Legal cases take time.

And you can be sure the contract you signed is iron clad. Go ahead and change lawyers, you'll still be paying out 25% to this lawyer.
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coachoutletolkc : In my opinion 4 weeks is not an unreasonable length of time. Four months maybe.

I suggest you give the attorney some breathing room and let him work.
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colemiliClipsp : look, IMO law suits are a waste of time in things this trivial. Just pay someone 100 bucks to rough the "bouncer" up and move on.
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CingDeage :
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