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upncfwgc : When I go to Europe I am probaly going to get a Verizon "global phone"? Can I still use my iPhone 4 as an iPod with wifi withought getting charged?

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zratxhvm : My dad is in jail and his car title has his name and my brother's name on it, but I can't do anything with the car since it is in their name. Questions: 1) Under the terms of my dad's sentence, I am not allowed to have any contact with him whatsoever, and my brother is disabled and can't drive or do anything legal. Since that is the case, then can my brother just sign the back of the title without my dad needing to sign since my brother's name is on the title? Would the DMV possibly let just my brother sign the title given the situation? 2) If I get a power of attorney form and sign it with my name and mail it to my dad in jail, then will he be able to sign it without me contacting him? For instance will there be someone at the jail who can assist him and notarize it? The bottom line is I am not allowed to contact my dad at all, and I just want to be able to make sure this can be taken care of without me contacting him.
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goodevry12 : If you mail something to him, then you would be having contact with your father.

DMV will require both signatures.

I would recommend that you hire an attorney and have the attorney go to the jail to ask your father to sign the title.

Nobody in the jail is going to assist your father with this. And they are not going to notarize it.
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Aripooh0013 : I am a 21 year old single female, no criminal record, obtaining my bachelors in nursing degree in the uk and I am uk born. I also intend to get my masters degree. Will I be able to apply for a visa?
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breakmotio : You can come over on a student visa to get your masters degree. If you want to stay then talk to an attorney.
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butTeallbah : You will have to apply for a Green Card which takes about 6 years.You will not likely be able to get a US nursing license with an degree from the UK. Us nurses are generalist trained which means you will need theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, OB/GYN and mental health nursing.UK nurses are specialist trained so they usually don't meet US requirements.
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Cewayerep : apply and see
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coomypeacroxy : Just say your dad's the average cop and has everything that comes with it: Short man complex, roid rage and a god complex.
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Exeffuemi : Law Enforcement Extraordinaire's.
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Geannaicelype : Judge Dredd lol
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