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plotolacy : My Mam bought an iPhone 3GS a while ago but lost it. She got a new iPhone 4 through her insurance. When she filled out the insurance she said it was lost in public, possibly stolen. Surprise, surprise she finds it under her car seat. Now, she gave it to me and it was working apart from all the downloaded apps (not the safari, camera, calender, compass etc etc). I didn't know if the messages were working and if i could call people as i didn't get a chance to put in a sim card. As it wouldn't connect to iTunes and the apps wouldn't work i found out it needed to be updated. I updated it and it went into recovery mode and a image of the USB end of the iPod cable and an arrow pointing to an itunes symbol is the only thing that comes up on screen. I then restored it following apples advice. Every time i try to restore it it follows the whole process until the end when an error message pops up saying something like "error cannot restore, error code 1602" and it only comes up on iTunes every now and again. I would like to know if i could fix it at home or does it need to be unlocked at a shop or has the phone company locked it as it is presumed stolen? This story is 100% true and i didn't steal this phone so don't guilt trip me as everyone would take a free iPhone when given one. Please help

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asdrjh536 : .
"Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has been disbarred after being found guilty of a battery of ethics violations for his handling of the Duke Lacrosse investigation."

Former Duke Prosecutor Nifong Disbarred
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biddeteemict : Yes, this does happen sometimes, but not often enough.
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jepActitInjen : I remember when MSNBC made that case also about Race and said that those boys were Racists and they raped her.
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Uristtraift : Its great that Mike has been disbarred. I'd like to see this against many other attorneys too. All of them lie all the time and get away with it. It is extremely rare to be disbarred and I personally have not known of anyone being revoked the right to practice law. This is the first time I am hearing this.
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unincandy : Bill Clinton

And just about anyone associated with Al Sharpton.

Now we have the Trayvon Martin race baiting media event.

We'll see who gets disbarred over that.
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KallIlliccala : My beloved grandmother passed away a few months ago and the state recently sent me a recovery questionnaire. My grandmother didn't have any assets but she did have a bank account. The account has less than 700 dollars. I have power of attorney for that bank account. Does that actually mean that the remaining money belongs to me? Or can the state take that money away? And on the questionnaire, it read "List the name, address, and telephone number for each heir (person receiving a portion of the assets) or co-owner of the decedent's assets and the portion of decedent's assets they received." Then after that question, you write down the name, number, and the asset and the share of estate. Do I write down my name for that one and then under asset, write the remaining bank balance and then on "share of estate" write down 100%? Or does me having power of attorney for bank account have nothing to do with that question?
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Enrinueexpess : My attorney said since they lowered the rank of my case and it was filed wrong and that where still gathering papers he is going to get the dates moved back since they where only 2 weeks apart. This is a reg att not court apoint or public defender.
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srfecti644 : So where can I find my rights as a exotic dancer in Texas.. I need to know what all the club can make me and can't make me do...
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carliferates : They can't make you do anything. You can walk out. Talk to them before hand.
There was a place here in the NE where they were doing live lesbian sex shows.
Place got shut down in two weeks. You can always walk out. Make sure you get your money secured.
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