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Isabella_Washington : I want to activate a Samsung but want to know if they charge to activate. I want to activate to be pre paid. It used to have a line on it but that line is now on another phone.

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mehanle : .
N.C. attorney general: Duke players 'innocent'

"Durham County District Attorney Mike Nifong has been disbarred after being found guilty of a battery of ethics violations for his handling of the Duke Lacrosse investigation."

Former Duke Prosecutor Nifong Disbarred
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irriddick : No need...we weren't involved...we don't all act as one
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EduKui-Heru : Nope. Neither did Al Sharpton. He was all over that case.
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quegoglenossy : That only happened in the dark recesses of your tortured, twisted, psychotic, 'brain'.
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dsyez007 : When a left winger apologizes for doing wrong when Busch can still be blamed , come on .
Thank you for making my day
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FoodsPrer : I never thought that they were guilty in the first place.. "Liberals' isn't a collective.
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PaHenvenceben : No,Al Sharpton still believes he was in the right
even after the three were successfully sued 345,000

that included tawana brawley herself in which she still hasn't paid one dime of it
and since the interest rate of 10% is added every year
Her fine stands at more in interest now than the original $96.000 she was originally fined in the first place

They now know where she lives and works and have been garnishing her wages
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Kibsteesy : I bet not.
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Immuptect : No one was ever convicted of rape.
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