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Spovergorry : I was thinking of getting a Prepaid Android this summer. I was wondering if I should get the Lg Optimus V from Virgin Mobile or the Samsung Prevail Galaxy from Boost mobile. Just give me your opinion on which phone I should get.

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wrimiIniviamy : Have you checked the carrier's website? Some carriers post user reviews.
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choolfrok : my mom got the ipone4 n its pretty awesom hope i helped
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meateWaib :
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Aredaqueerb : no, but I hope to get those prosecutors
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hiegululnenny : I'd rather have that DA prosecuting.
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uglg6n : I'd call up that star witness Star Jones.
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mopHoomoHal : Actually, I would hope to draw Sanfor's state attorny as a prosecutor!.

Zimmerman's attorneys really don't have a lot of work to do here. The prosecutor has done a fine job of establishing reasonable doubt. If I were the defense, I'd rest when It was my turn here.
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tomafluotly : Maybe, but I would sure like the prosecutors to be against me
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IsombDumNub : no, because I would prefer real lawyers that are members of the bar, not the actors you see on tv
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