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acilivesserma : 1-10 what would yu give it and why

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epfvbfaz : Have you checked the carrier's website? Some carriers post user reviews.
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fuehirmTraura : I will block anyone who is racist and disrespectful. Neocons wonder why they lost the election twice??
I guess Mark O'Mara don't know English either because he said the same dayum thing a-h*les!
George Zimmerman trial: Witness Jahvaris Fulton | News - Home
Prosecutors in the George Zimmerman trial called Trayvon Martin's older brother to the witness ... O'Mara pushed to impeach ... Defense attorney Mark O'Mara on day ...
J: Trayvon wasn't a thug. He was a norma teenage. Also Zimmerman attorney should have never released those photo that why they are not allow into evidence. They did to try to smear Trayvon image. I am sure you think all black men a thug and up to no good like Zimmerman. Lots White teenagers smoke weed, wear hoodies and listen to Hip Hop. Are they thugs too?
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fodazi : What?

It's hilarious that many of the Trayvon supporters can't even form a proper sentence. I believe this shows a lot about the case. Some people pick sides immediately based on what they want to be true while other intelligent people wait and listen to the facts.

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Teceonels : There's no impeachment process for brothers.
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Occubrerobe : "To impeach" is, like, a verb, dude. "Impeachment" is, like, a noun, dude... do you know the difference between a "verb" and a "noun?"
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Vorsanaffow : O'Mara's saying he equivocated that he was familiar with his answers to the reporter in that interview. And his brother came off oblivious! It was like O'Mara was pulling teeth - how could Trayvon's brother not remember what he said if it's truly how he felt?
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CarmenOA : Attorneys try to impeach on cross examination. That's part of our adversarial system.
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azikmanich : O'Mara impeaching thugvon's lying brother is not the same as impeaching a lying POS president

here's what O'Mara is doing:

here's what should happen to odumfuk:
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lenazhuck :
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