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datswo2012 : What all can an authorized user do? I am an authorized user and on the account we would like to change the plan and upgrade 4 of the 5 phones. Would I be able to do that at a t-mobile store or would I need the account holder there to do that since you extend the contract? Thanks.

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GenericProdeciaBUYON : and they have report.They asked me do you wanted arrested him and I said yes.But they didn't arrested him they just gave court paper.Police took picture of my lips.I am very angry.I confused what should i do,Should I hire lawyer?
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Reetuevilkink : No let it will have to pay a lot of money for lawyer costs etc. Leave the matter alone before you make unnecessary effort for yourself!
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stainsfaf : The question they probably asked you, is do you want to press charges? Which he might be arrested for.

If you are not personally suing him for the injury, you don't need a lawyer or anything. But you aren't looking to collect money for medical costs or whatever then. If you are looking to sue him, then you would need a lawyer.
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ykxhwzjy : The police asked if you wanted the customer arrested because in California a police officer cannot make an arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in is presence. However, in California, people who commit misdemeanors are not ordinarily taken into custody, they are given a citation to appear in court at a later date. The police then provide a report to a prosecuting attorney who decides whether to file charges (in a case like this a charge is very likely). The prosecutor will get in touch with you if your testimony is needed, and should inform you of the outcome of the case. If you do not hear from the prosecutor, you can call and ask about the matter. (This will be either the District Attorney, or in some cities the City Attorney or City Prosecutor.)

As others have stated, you do not need an attorney unless you want to sue the customer for damages.
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zratxhvm : My dad is in jail and his car title has his name and my brother's name on it, but I can't do anything with the car since it is in their name. Questions: 1) Under the terms of my dad's sentence, I am not allowed to have any contact with him whatsoever, and my brother is disabled and can't drive or do anything legal. Since that is the case, then can my brother just sign the back of the title without my dad needing to sign since my brother's name is on the title? Would the DMV possibly let just my brother sign the title given the situation? 2) If I get a power of attorney form and sign it with my name and mail it to my dad in jail, then will he be able to sign it without me contacting him? For instance will there be someone at the jail who can assist him and notarize it? The bottom line is I am not allowed to contact my dad at all, and I just want to be able to make sure this can be taken care of without me contacting him.
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goodevry12 : If you mail something to him, then you would be having contact with your father.

DMV will require both signatures.

I would recommend that you hire an attorney and have the attorney go to the jail to ask your father to sign the title.

Nobody in the jail is going to assist your father with this. And they are not going to notarize it.
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Sepecoagree : In some background checks, yes.

A good background check includes things you were accused of and privately settled law suits as well.
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FZRaymond : It would on the ones we use.We use the National Data base who uses the FBI system.It will show the arrest and that it was dismissed.If it was dismissed go to your local prothonotary to have it removed because in most states they do this.
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dicSlulpcut : You should inquire of your local prosecuting (district) attorney and ask about getting your record expunged. If you are successful in doing so you may truthfully answer (assuming that this was your only arrest) that you have never been arrested. Depending on the prosecutor's attitude you may have to contact a private attorney.

Good luck
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