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mengya1w8g8 : Nokia and Iphone, which do you like better

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BuyNolvadex : Definitely iPhone... Nokia is like 1980s to me xD

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AssultimurA : if budget is not a problem, then go for a iphone definately.
Otherwise go for nokia e7.

I own a nokia c6. Its an allrounder.
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oxpahakhua : Samsung
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Riveprieweend : Iphone is better than nokia!
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FriendAbigail : nokia forever!
No one ever needs to jailbreak them now do they? Why? Because they respect ur freedom. I have an n8, its performance is astounding.
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ontognoks : I'm 25 with a clean record and I reside in Southern California.
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VTOVJJ : Yes, it's worth the money.
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Neglesnig : a lawyer might save your drivers license and keep you from getting a jail sentence and save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your fine he could even possibly get you off of the charge, so yes, it is probably worth it.
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sunlostli5r : You are charged with a serious criminal offense which could result in jail time, large fines, loss of your license, increased insurance costs, the inability to travel to foreign countries (esp. Canada), and other adverse consequences. You don't know what defenses may be available to counter the charges.

You probably can guess that my answer is that you need an attorney
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