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zerneerseKade : So if this does happen, who will you blame? Will you give Obama a pass?

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Edillcelf : ok toughguy, how about this you understand that there are some things even more dangerous to the people of the country than national debt.....
for instance, do you think the citizens of the country getting their jobs outsourced might also help bankrupt the country and its people?

I am not saying that debt is not a problem....but there are truly more serious issues.

Let me put it to you in another way.....lets say you are in heavy debt, have hardly any income coming in...and you are heading towards cant even eat and pay your rent. If I come to you and tell you I can get you a job, but its going to take you another month before you see your first paycheck. look at your wallet and you see you have some credit cards where you can get enough cash to live on for one month until you get your first big check....that will change your life. Do you think that your biggest problem is debt? or income? Would you rush to the bankruptcy attorney, and forget the job? you dont even have enough cash to buy gasoline to drive to work, you cant buy food, or pay your rent.....but ...if you borrow the money using the credit cards you could make it happen.

Its the same thing on a national level...yes there is a debt problem, but the real problem is one not enough national revenue so we can rely les on debt and we need more of our people working and having good jobs so they can leave prosperous lives and pay more taxes..and rely less on aid to survive.

Get the picture now? I am against debt like you are......but my view is much larger than your simplistic focus on debt as the only thing of concern. Lets say we cut half of the budget to reduce do you really think its possible without a revolution happening? do you realize that every program you want cut has people who will fight fiercely to keep those programs??? yes, cutting is doable..but within reason..just like we should raise taxes on the wealthy within reason and we should try to limit outsourcing and illegal immigration as well..... Do you see how mine is a balanced approach?
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Asyncinaccich : Have a very old charge. Will it really keep me out of the states?
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ptvfsayhoguq : Who knows really, I guess it will depend on what the charge is and was it resolved...ask an immigration attorney.
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dvzevndl : Depends on the charge and outcome.
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Classified craigslist : The other day I was pulled over for speeding (82 on a 65) and my car was searched because it smelled like pot. The officer found a glass pipe with residue and charged me with possession of paraphernalia. This is my first criminal offense. This is also my 2nd speeding ticket. the last one occurred on August of 2011 and I received Pbj for this citation. Now I'm stuck making a decision. Should I hire an attorney or a public defender for my criminal case? I'm a full time college student with a part time job and I can't really afford to hire an attorney. Do you think a public defender will be just as good as a private attorney? What should I expect will happen for my criminal case? Will I need to take drug classes, community service? If my case is dismissed, will I have to pay a fine? Also, will I have to take another driver improvement class because of the speeding ticket? I've taken DIP program after my first speeding ticket. I'm 19 years old and live in Maryland.
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ExannaMaf : A court appointed lawyer is probably what you will get. They generally don't get paid too well for these cases so don't plan on getting his best work. You may get probation and a fine, and if you do, consider yourself lucky. you need to understand that smoking while you are driving is just like a drunk driving charge. Pot will affect your judgement just like alcohol, so keep it at home.
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AnneriaMice : Yes they can. They can convict and deport them.
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Bdyysre : If you wanted us to read an article, just say so. This was too long.
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EricWZ : Cool story bro!
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