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ByronTom : We had a marriage based green card interview on January 22 and the immigration officer asked us to give her an income letter from the previous employer of my husband. Our lawyer told us that we did great. We passed the income letter 2 days after the interview. My question is: when will I expect my green card in the mail? I need it in order for me to book a flight to the Philippines. We're leaving in April and come back here in US after 3 weeks.

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irriddick : Did you go for the biometrics yet? The card comes about 3 weeks after that.
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Plaitikepak : Shouldn't take longer than about a month. I take it you didn't file an I-131 with your AoS package? It's FREE of charge, and if you had, you'd be having Advance Parole (AP) and work permit (EAD) already, meaning you could travel internationally and return without having to wait for your Green Card. Any attorney should know this.
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blepulkencume : I want to be with my American boyfriend...we both want to be together...what must I do?
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andremartin : Marry him and wait for a greencard. That's the only way.
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carpinteyrosrj : I would check with an Immigration attorney. Work visas are one way, marriage is another. but get some qualified legal advice, there may be more ways available Andy G
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myrtalegalkoh : Get married.
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bystryzbyssus : Sure, me too, and I'm sixty five.
The older you get, the more you realize you can't ever know everything.
Take your time and in that time learn what you can.
Don't every wish your life away, each stage is important to the next and we are too soon gone.
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mejdawdkrg : OH NO, THIS IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!. The only thing I think I could do is hostipal and....THATS ALL!! :S
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ylmkskevmzx : no you dont fucking bitch ass mother fucker
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