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SuissogsagSig1985 : The American people are against immigration but the politicians are gonna approve it. The American people want people on death row killed sooner but their sentences are commuted. Americans have to pay more for a can of corn because its shipped over seas. We can drill our own oil but the politicians wont allow more off shore drilling. All an attorney really is, is a college educated B.S. er that later becomes a politician later. (fact) Our forefathers would never approve of todays methods.
Were all still peasants but instead of a King we have a President. No high school diploma required to figure this one out. If you werent born here then you dont belong here and sooner or later land WILL run out. We cant baby=sit the rest of the world nor should we care. No work, NO pay!
Its not a rant its the way it is which is why I make all the cash side jobs I can to stick it to the man!

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zerneerseKade : Nice rant.

Did you have a question?
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Weennybuffvob : Of course not Mr Obama told us he would sit down any time any place without precondition and talk things over with Iran he would break his word would he?
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Nisyventiosse : I would love to answer this for you, but that is why we are underpaying teachers. You just have to make it to school
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liamnigousnum : Yes it's true The demacrat and republicans have a new agenda together and it's not pretty for the American people What can be done to stop it? I found He and Ron Paul are running for office 2016? thier our last hope to revive the constitution.
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2qot54rt74o : As a humorist (Twain or Rogers) once said he thought the representatives misrepresented the people until he took a closer look at the people.

You too need to take at closer look at them. Most now suck their thumbs and cry for mommies and daddies in government to care for and protect them all ways and always.

They can't see past their noses and if they did they wouldn't understand what's happening. They're following each other in a circle and feeding each other whatever crap the consensus pretends is true.
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tomn067 : renewal due to card expiring or name error? When I renewed last time, my maiden name became my middle name. They reissued it with my old middle name and my new married name. It was not my error but I never had them correct it. All my receipts that came from them have my correct name on it, it's just the green card that appears with the incorrect middle name. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Do I need to go see an immigration attorney. I want to make sure i send in my form correctly and with all necessary paperwork.
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Immuptect : You must submit sufficient paperwork to show USCIS that they made the error.

And the only Country of birth which USCIS allows a married women to use her father's name as her middle name and her husband's name as her last name is the Philippines.

If USCIS made the error, they will replace your card for free.

If you filled out the application wrong or had been using the "wrong" name since your entry into the U.S. , USCIS will not issue you a corrected version for free.

If you opt to return the card and insist they correct an error you yourself made, it will result in them confiscating and destroying the card and telling you to pay for a new one. And no... I promise you, no attorney in the world will be able to get you your money back or get you a free corrected document from USCIS if you yourself made the mistake, regardless of how many times USCIS made the same mistake. USCIS' making the mistake on a previously issued document doesn't absolve you of the burden to pay for a new card if you continued to use the "mistake".

Let me give you an example with no middle names but two last names:

You are Jill Desk-Chair and recently married to Jack Bed-Table.

1. You are Filipino and enter the U.S. as Jill Chair Table. This is acceptable as a naming convention of the Philippines where the 1st last name (recognized as a middle name there) is dropped.

2. If you are from anywhere else in the world, you may use Jill Desk-Chair, Jill Chair, Jill Chair-Table or Jill Table upon entry and that will be your legal name for all immigration purposes.

If you entered the U.S, married outside the U.S. the name you use upon entry is your legal name in the United States. If you marry inside the U.S., U.S. naming conventions dictate your legal name, but you still have the same options as above, minus the Filipino middle name option.

If USCIS issued you your first green card as Jill Desk-Chair because you asked them to, they will not issue you a new card with Jill Chair Table because:

#1 - You already chose your legal name in the U.S. and
#2 - USCIS did not make an error in issuing the card with the name that way.

However, if they issued you a card with the name Jill Desk-Chair when you originally asked for Jill Chair Table, and you can show that, they will correct it for free.
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hypermiska : Hi

I am reaching out to see what I can do. Our UPS driver came in our home while we were gone without permission. He left packages inside on our steps to the kitchen about. 6pm according to tracking. We got home later than we expected to. @9:15pm. And when we came in thought was weird the packages were inside ...but once we got to kitchen found our yellow lab. Having severe difficulty breathing and his eyes were watering,squinting, and bloodshot!! We took him outside to get fresh air and try to calm him down and start to catch his breath...then wiped his face for almost an hour will cold cloths trying to get whatever was on him off. He was crying and moaning once he could breath. We think he was pepper sprayed IN our house

I called the on call vet which told us to do what we were doing and watch him thru the night and the next few days. Tis happened on fri night......he was super clingy and couldn't keep eyes open...lethargic... But seemed to b breathing ok. Monday morning I noticed he was bumping into things...when I looked at his eyes they were completely white like an old dog......rushed him to the vet....he ran a bunch of tests..said he was blind. Sent me to a specialist 3hrs away......his eyesight is getting better with numerous medications and eye drops...not allowed in sun or cold.....will have to keep up treatment for a few more weeks before we can tell the permanent damage. He is only 5 and He is also a service dog. And now there is a serious question if he will b able to continue this once he is better. ESP around men. The sheriff is involved and ups supervisor initially offered to pay get bills but now can't get N answer from anyone.

We would like to know our infuriates us that he was in his home. And this happened to the fact that the driver did not let someone know what he had done so the dog could receive medical attention.....the dog was by himself for a few hours not knowing what had happend and thank goodness didn't stop breathing or fall down the stairs.

Of course the driver is denying that he did anything....and has lied about what happened. Said he rang our doorbell...we dont have one....that he never heard or saw a dog....we have 2 labs. One was in her crate and the other was the one he had the run in with. Said he left the pckgs at front door...were at the back.....and that he was just putting them out of the weather..but he didn't put my neighbors inside" who lives right next door..

Any insight or suggestions you can give us would greatly be appreciated!
In nebraska according to the UPS supervisor the drivers ARE allowed to carry spray.
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messkaddy : Off-hand, I see several problems with your story.

First, if no one was home, how did anyone gain access to your kitchen to leave a package? Why wasn't the door locked? Generally speaking, any delivery person will try to find the closest, covered spot to leave a package. The faster they can leave the package, the faster they can move to the next stop, and be done with their route.

Second, are you SURE your dog was pepper-sprayed? Is there any chance he may have come into contact with a chemical or other substance in the house? If you have two dogs, and they were both in the house, was there any harm to the other one? As dogs are pack animals, and respond to signs of distress from a member of the pack, it would be expected that the second dog would have come to aid the first dog and would have been sprayed as well.

Third, did any (human) notice signs of pepper spray when they arrived home? I had a container of pepper spray that accidentally leaked on my gloves one time. I threw the pepper spray out, left my gloves in the car, and a friend and I who were going out to dinner were coughing and our eyes were watering. It wasn't as bad, but we still had symptoms when we returned to the car after dinner. If pepper spray was discharged in the house, humans would have likely noticed.

Fourth, even if the dog was pepper-sprayed, how can you be sure that it was the UPS driver who did it? If it was that easy to gain access to your home, it could have just as easily been neighborhood kids who were causing trouble.

Fifth, if the driver was performing his job within the limits of the company's policy, and reasonably feared for his safety from the dog, that may be a sufficient defense.

Your best avenue would likely be to continue your complaint with UPS. Alternatively, you could consult with an attorney, but the most you would likely be able to recover is the cost of the vet bills, and possibly any lost income you would have received from the dog as a service animal. Still, in order to recover anything, you (as the plaintiff) would have the burden of proving that there was negligence on the part of UPS and/or the driver, and that the negligence was the proximate cause of the injury to the dog.
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