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browadonha : Just trying to figure out off the top of any one's head- What do attorney fee's look like, if you're are vying for a 30,000.00 settlement in California ? I'm just trying to figure out, what the bottom line will look like. This is for a wrongful termination/sexual harassment/retaliation suit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I realize that no one in particular is held liable for their answers...I would just like a general ball-park guestimate.

Thank you so much, again!
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UnfofPymnjany : Attorneys typically charge 30 to 35% of the total settlement for cases such as yours.
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jordan418 : I am the sole beneficiary of my mothers life insurance. My sister found the policy after moms death and took it. I recommended she take care of funeral plans and I take dad. (he has dementia. I had to go to court for guardianship) Dad lives with me. According to the Ins. company she committed various acts of fraud, what kind and how they will not tell me. The policy is for 20,000. It is a year and 3 months old. It was valid after 1st. payment, I should get 2,000 to 5,000 back but am not sure. Ins. won't say to much. Anybody knows what going on? Ins. said they have to go after her, one of the worst fraud cases they've had. What happens now? Should I get attorney, will she go to jail, court. We live in Florida and the Ins. company is in New York. Either my sister or her husband has been in court before for fraud. She was not paid any money, Ins. co. caught it right away. I think she tried to add her name, remove mine, and pad or make up phony bills. I probably will have to hire an attorney to fix this. Don't want to fight with her on account of dad. What can I expect to happen. Thank you for your time.
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hackerblack : Can someone give me a UK domestic flights from Ryanair Airline.. From and to the destinations. Please provide evidence as well. If Ryanair doesnt fly from Uk then please provide Easyjet domestic flights.. Thanks a lot.
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Expappycropsy : Birmingham
East Midlands
Glasgow Prestwick
Leeds Bradford
London Gatwick
London Luton
London Stansted
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lizatteda : They don't seem to do internal UK flights but will do UK to Spain and various other overseas places but easyjet do them
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Wropoulkili : Nowadays, Ryanair operate just four domestic UK routes. These are from Birmingham, Glasgow-Prestwick, Liverpool and London Stansted and are all to Derry Airport in Northern Ireland.

EasyJet, on the other hand, offer a number of domestic flights from a variety of airports. These include -
Gatwick to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow Int. & Belfast.
Luton to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow Int. & Belfast.
Stansted to Edinburgh, Glasgow Int. & Belfast.
Bristol to Edinburgh, Glasgow Int., Belfast & Newcastle.
Southend to Edinburgh, Belfast & Newquay.
Liverpool to Belfast & Newquay.
Birmingham to Belfast.
Newcastle to Belfast.
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victoriaeannyD : I haven't been to SF since I was a kid and I've been planning a solo trip to SF for January for 4-5 days. I don't have a lot of money to blow, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any cheap, but also decent and safe places to stay? I want to be walking distance to some shops and places to eat, but I also want to make sure I visit SFSU, because that's where I want to transfer to after next school year...and also hopefully close to SFO airport. I've read about the BART, but I have no idea how I could get myself on there. I was looking at Hotel Mirabelle, since they are $60/per night, which is nice, but I'm not so sure about the area. Maybe Fillmore, since it's close to Haight, but once again I am just wishful thinking at this point ha. Any advice, information, insight into where to stay?
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EliteScreens : Home to the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the original setting for what would become known as the Summer of Love, San Francisco's many associations with popular culture are hard to ignore. This former Gold Rush town, now California's fourth largest city, is laden with famous locations and movie imagery. Whether the city brings to mind Steve McQueen racing around the famous cityscape in 'Bullitt', or Clint Eastwood planning his escape from the infamous Alcatraz, San Francisco is etched indelibly on every moviegoer's mind.
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2qot54rt74o : You only needed to clear immigration/customs at the first U.S. airport on arrival on an international flight.

Your baggage will be checked through from Los Angeles to Manchester; you won't see it at Philadelphia. 1.5 hours at Philadelphia will be enough to proceed on to your departure gate and to pass security clearance..
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