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dubaimady : They didn't return keys, and vandalised the property. Can I change the locks without filing through courts?
The tenant's lease had expired. Rent was paid thru Dec.31. The family notified me that there was a "family emergency" and the tenant was unreachable, but they (Mother, Sister, Aunt's, etc.) would be removing her things. I did a little digging and found the "family emergency" was tenant was arrested with 5 felony charges, one that is a first degree. Everything was fine until the family found out the water had been shut off for non-payment. All utilities in tenant's name. They called me wanting me to put the water on in my name. I refused and then they started harrassing me. They emptied the house, urinated throughout, threw paint on the carpet and faux painted room walls, put potting soil in all the kitchen cabinents and that is just what I can see looking through windows. It's a 2 story house.

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plumImmorefup : If they're gone, they're gone.

Officers are not experts in civil matters. You should consult a lawyer or a different section of the website for someone who has more knowledge in this area.
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Asyncinaccich : Not necessarily. Was a notice given by the tenant she was moving out? How far is her rent paid to? The end of the month? Then at the very least it is her apartment until the end of the month. The best way around all the legalities, and allowing the tenant to say she never stopped living their, is to send her a letter and ask, "since you no longer live in my rental, where can I forward your mail?" That way maybe you can get it in writing she has another address.

Remember, until your tenant says, even if there is no rent or no utilities, she is a tenant there. If you change the locks, the landlord never looks good in an illegal or forced eviction case.

Start taking photos now and getting witness statements. File a police report on the vandalism.

I would hate it of you had to spend money to start an eviction on an empty home. Call an attorney and see of you can declare the property abandoned. That would end all your worries.

Good Luck!
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2qot54rt74o : First off if the teneant is no longer there and the family was removing her belongings that's great.

I believe what the family was trying to do is move in the property and resume living there.

I would take them to court and sue them for damages make sure that you have witnesses and pictures of the damage.

Yes by all means you have the right to change the locks, (which you should have done in the first place) You should have done this after you found out about her being in jail, and only standing by while they removed the belongings.
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arrormaginy : Am I able to do anything if his contract said "No refunds no matter what happens" ?
A "retainer" is for future work. The attorney told us there was no hope that the case would be dropped, we must hire an attorney. Then, the case was dropped. Not because of anything he did. We only hired him two weeks before charges were dropped. How can you pay a retainer for a "case" if there never was a "case" to begin with? A couple of hundred dollars maybe for what little he did (which was really nothing), but the whole retainer? That is stealing. Taking money for services that were not needed or given. The state decided to drop is not that we just decided we didn't want him to represent us anymore...that is totally different!
What if I paid with money I told him I desperately needed before I signed the contract? For instance I told him I was going to pay with money from coming from my financial aid money for school? Is there some sort of ethical rule he should have followed?
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Ptnolermep : Yes. And it says it in the contract that you signed.
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Stoolalixsal : Yes

You hired his time, the fact it wasn't used doesn't change that.
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theomarttesi : You can complain to the state bar association, but since you signed the contract that way the only way you'd get a refund of unused expenses if he just decides to be nice.
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hanoInsoxia : My uncle is planning to go to LAX to visit and I want him to not spend too much money. He is flying from indonesia. I found the cheapest is 485$ on Dec. 2nd (multiple airline). Please find something from Nov. To Dec. Thanks. The airport he is taking is bali airline (im not sure). Thanks:)
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teesmarne : I doubt you will find anything cheaper than $485. To me that price is unusually low from Indonesia to LAX. You can check out or call up a travel agent in Indonesia.
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