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oncall463 : I have an elderly neighbor that smokes pot a lot. I have nothing against people wanting to smoke but I wish me, my things, and my home didn't reek of it! Some people have tried talking to him but his son (who lives with him and also smokes) actually threatened them! The building manager knows about it and though a lot of us have complained all she says is a third party is taking care of it. What does that mean!? It's been a few months and he's still smoking and as far as I can see nothing is being done! It's so gross...what would you do in my shoes?

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Dopsgroolla : Call the cops, if he doesn't give a shit why should you?
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brertrileax : I would probably file a police report. If its making your belongings smell bad, you shouldn't have to put up with that
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vemsmealsesar : You can give an anonymous tip.
Also, I suggest a wonderful deodorizing spray you can make at home (that's cheap!)

-2/3 cup vinegar
-2/3 cup water
-small bottle of citrus fruit (or mint) extract of your choice (don't use juice, it will be sticky!)

Put this in a nice misting spray bottle and use like you would febreeze. It works wonders!
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ntonioKulman : Sheesh! Don't brag... everyone will want what you have.
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FriendAbigail : Chances are calling the police wont help. But its worth a shot. Ill have to agree I hate the smell of weed. If you really want to play down and dirty, go over your lease and find something that breaks the lease (such as the clauses of healthy environment or no smoking) talk to an attorney about this and bring it to your landlords attention that this is effecting you health wise.. perhaps tell him your allergic and its not fair to you that you have to stay clear of your home or something. Many landlords could care less until it comes to property damage and money. If hes in violation of your contract he would have to give back the deposit or make arrangements to provide suitable living conditions. Use some leverage... dont let slum lord pigeon hole you into anything ;-)
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dubaimady : Can a debt be discharged in bankruptcy if it was incurred by an identity thief or an irresponsible friend/relative?
@da d I know that, but I want to know if it's possible to file for bankruptcy under these circumstances.
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Anne_7 : Why would you wantcto discharge that in bankruptcy? If it is fraudulently done, then go that route first!
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imallyFleeD : If the debt was incurred with your knowledge, and the debt consisted of a fraud upon a third party, it may or may not be discharged. However, from what I read of your question, you're asking if some third party incurrs a debt in your name, without your knowledge and consent, is that debt then discharged by you if you file for bankruptcy?

In many cases, yes. It depends on the nature of the debt to some extent. However, that should probably not be your initial motive in filing for bankruptcy. The wisest step is to make a list of all of your debts, from whatever source, (yourself or some third party) and then consult a bankruptcy attorney licensed in your state. He/she can give you better advice on what can be discharged and the best way to go.

For a referral, contact your local or state bar association.
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kakaoleokd : Esta
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