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GGYGYG : Some property has been stolen from a friend of mine in the country of Belize. The deed was forged by her financial advisor and the property was apparantly sold to someone else. The signature is an obvious fraud. The witness is an obvious fraud. The person responsible is known. The attorney assigned to the case has had trouble finding the thief, but last time the thief appeared in court , the attorney decided to not show up to serve her whatever needed served. I think my friend is being lied to by everyone involved, including the country of Belize's police or officials. Can anyone offer good advise or legal representation?

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ViettePen : If this is Not a load of crap I would.

Hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of this matter.

There the wronged party can get to the bottom of this debacle.

If you wasted my time, Shame on you. If not Good luck.
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pozycjeswe : Ok the person is off child support but the attorney general is still taking back pay can he get a passport? Or does the back pay need to be removed? The amount they take for back pay is $100 a month. He's in the Navy. If that helps
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GroomoDropy : he will get any official passport required for orders. he cannot get a tourist passport until he is caught up on the CS.

technically the official passport cannot be used for leisure travel.
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Jamases : If he owes >$2,500 then they won't give him a passport.

It won't affect his navy duties much at all. If he's on a ship he can still deploy. Only if he's on a staff job and travelling by air to another country would be need a passport, and in that case he could use his gov't passport.
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CliemoGlomi : In about 2 months, I am going from Portland, OR to Amarillo, TX. I am flying by myself for the first time, and I am going on Southwest airlines. I have a layover in Denver. And I am kind of freaking out about flying by myself. Does anybody have any tips on how to make the whole experience easier? I have flown before, but with adults, that supervise the whole process. Specific tips are appreciated!
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Broumenn : Sit back and enjoy it.
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Tainiobby : Keep your carry on in sight at all times. Walk confidently thru the airport. Only trust airline personnel. Always ask if you need advice. Carry your wallet in a place that's not obvious. If you want to buy a magazine or gum etc have some small change in a pocket or small change purse. Keep your ID and tickets etc in easy reach and remember what each is for. Don't leave the airport. Don't let anyone carry your bag for you. You will be fine, just be security and personal safety conscious.
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pamEnera : get from sabina gokhen airport to taksim which bus do i have to take. get from sabina gokhen airport to taksim which bus do i have to take
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loyalsecils :
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