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jajidmeu : I asked my landlord the beginning of December to deduct repairs she allowed me to have done from rent. She refused. When I asked her to complete repairs to the house, and provide me with lead base pain disclosure, install CO2 detectors and sand nails on floors, she refused. When I refused to pay her full rent and deduct repairs, she refused to accept rent unless in full. And proceeded with an eviction. She would also come to the house and she finally installed the detectors. Two weeks later and she gave me notice for that but she started pounding on the roof which was not in the notice.
We went to court last Wednesday, and I was advised by some court public attorneys to take the judgement and countersuit which I am doing.
Two days after, she came to the house without notice to install a for rent sign. Then today Saturday at 4:30am she posted a notice that she was showing the home. It was improper because of how it was written. I emailed her a letter of 'invasion of privacy"...
She responded but with hostility... Saying in quote "that notice was posted January 18. I am not asking for your consent. I am INFORMING you that I will be showing the property. As property owner I have the right to show the property to prospective tenants. You recall you are being EVICTED and will be vacating the premises January 27. I WILL be showing the property at 1030 on Sunday as scheduled. Giving notice and showing the property is not in anyway legally constituted as harassment or discrimination. I am fully exercising MY rights as property owner.

Since you are so knowledgable about the Landlord Tenant Act then you should know: Section 59.18.150, Subsection 6, Lines 8-11 read

"The tenant shall not unreasonably withhold consent to the landlord to enter the dwelling unit at a specified time where the landlord has given at least one day's notice of intent to enter to exhibit the dwelling unit to prospective or actual purchasers or tentants."

Unlike you, I DO have an attorney, whom I have just spoken, and I am within my rights to show the property.
I will be bringing a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act for your review as it appears you don't know as much as you think."

To me it sounded as though she was mocking me. And all the caps was exactly how she wrote it.

She has been this way too the entire time I have rented with her. What do you think I should do?

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lizebeest : You should move.
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Lauren_Virginia : Bottom line: She has the right to enter HER property for inspection and maintenence purposes upon proper notice to you. Showing the property, for whatever reason, is a valid reason. She has give you notice and she has the right to enter. If you do something to deny this (and especially if it costs her money) you will expose yourself to potential liability.

So.. what do I think you should do?...

You should be packing your bags and furnishings and be gone ASAP.. you are BOTH at fault here and the only real solution is to terminate ANY relationship between you.

Keep in mind that if she takes the eviction to a full press judgement, it goes on your public record and you may find it more difficult to rent another unit... or at least the one you REALLY want that everyone else really wants too.
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iandefton : i rather like the length of this post rather than the prior. unfortunately for you the answer remains the same. and NOW is more against you even so. you have no right to withhold any rent for any reason. that was not appropriate on your part.
yes, she was mocking you, but rightfully so. you DONT know what you are talking about and she is on the contrary very informed.

move if you feel her behavior is so appalling to you.
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Feessicleda : I got arrested and the officer brought up something that shouldn't be on my record. Now i have to go to court and i don't want more charges.
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Apapyskyday : Stop by the police station and ask them to check your record.

Be polite.
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WahAvell : You can see if the police station will give you the information, or you can get your records through a third party. If you need help appealing or getting the charges removed, you could as a defense attorney for help.
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sryanw : So I have been on copa's website and I have logged in and uploaded my resume but it seems like all jobs are out of the country. I would like to b apply for ticketing/check in agent positions but I don't know how? Any suggestions. ..I live in orlando Fl so MCO is the airport closest to me
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tieday0826 : i need to go to leigh service station london road leigh on sea essex ss92sq the best airport. i need to go to leigh service station london road leigh on sea essex ss92sq the best airport
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bydghwjgcgne : London southend airport aka southend airport. why fly to a petrol station>?
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