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Tkljsjdrtyyurarara : Im also going thru an eviction at this same place just got served today!!

My landlord knows that the cement I raised up from the tree roots and broken. This evening I went downstairs and fell I sprained my ankle really bad im also 6 1/2 pregnant. There is no light downstairs he wont buy the lifht bulbs he says if we really need them to buy them and he'll reemborse us, but y should we its his property.

Can I sue him for bad cement and no proper lighting outside?? Im on my way to the emergency room.. What can I do??

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kViktuk : if you're in America, you can sue. doesn't mean you can win, though.

it's pretty remote that the tree grew so quickly that this happened while you were a tenant -- much more likely that it was this way when you moved in. that means it was a known hazard that you voluntarily assumed and he's not liable for those. [God makes trees grow -- it isn't as if landlord acted with malice.]

whether you like this point of view or not, it's how his attorney is going to argue.
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FriendEmily : according to yahoo answers. you are american. i hear people sue for everything in america. it is the land where a lady sued because she burnt herself on mcdonald's coffee and she actually won.

how are you writing this en route to the emergency room? if i were in pain and en route to ER i would not be on yahoo answers.
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trobolcarbope : I recived a settlement of $150.000 my lawyer took $100.000 told me he had to pay medical and to not say any thing and he would just opay me later when he thinks medical has drop the lein. I unstand now i did not have to pay medical for the medical bills because i am disable I am also afaird to talk about the case because a part of the settlement was i am not to talk about the case and my attorney noses that and i am afaird and i have mentaly health disabilities and do not know the law in order to get my money back he took from me can some one please health me
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Turammapeax : If you are in the US, contact the bar association in the county where you live. talking to another attorney will not jeopardize your settlement.
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iandefton : An attorney receiving a third to a half of a settlement is not unusual. two thirds sounds high unless there was a lot of work involved in reaching the settlement. Think about it at $250 an hour (which is low for a good attorney, that would be about 400 hours work or roughly 3 months.
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aOccuchunedy : I'm a year 2 student doing Aerospace Engineering with Pilot studies. I desperately want a job as a ticket handler for one of the airlines (Like at the check-in desks) however I don't have the slightest idea of how I go about doing that.

Need some urgent help as to how and where I can apply for these jobs! Helpppp!

Thanks in advance.
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Unrerolor : You go to the Heathrow Website and click on "Jobs" near the top
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Graiccaky : Just go in and ask...or go on the specific companies websites and see if they're taking on.

Hope this helps

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NamImpaimafes : You normally need customer service experience but do you realise you will be working shifts and can be 3am start till 2pm and cannot change their timetable, try jet2 website, Good Luck
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