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Halliepaolo44 : If I take the first step in filing for a patent in canada. Is my invention protected for 1 year from the filing date under the paris convention, so that I can file for patents in other countries, and would filing allow me to say patent pending? Thanks for the help.

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lupins : Your invention is not "protected" until and unless an enforceable patent is actually issued in the country where you want to enforce it. Yes, once you have filed a patent application in any country, you can say "patent pending", if you like. Yes, you can file Paris or PCT within a year, using PCT if you plan to protect your invention in four or more countries. In fact, you can file AFTER one year, assuming your original application has not yet resulted in a patent being issued, but you will lose your earliest priority date.

Your own patent attorney can best advise you on the particular rules and circumstances pertaining to your situation. Under no circumstances should you attempt to prosecute a patent anywhere without advice of a registered professional -- you will be sorry you tried.
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FriendMax : Looking for any sort of working visa, would I get one with a bachlors degree in business accounting? Also could I keep applying every year and eventually become a US citizen? If not what degree is most likely to get me a US visa to work, I'm
Irish and looking to move to the USA
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FriendSam : probably not. Every year the USA graduates plenty of accountants, Your best bet is go to work for a company like Y&Y or Accenture and get a transfer to the US.
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Gonrersebesee : Ryan
Getting a worki visa difficult enough getting a citizenship is much harder
Let me begin that I am not an attorney and you better off consulting one
Let's start with work, you most likely need to find an employer in US that will hire you & sponsor you and unless the law has changed they might have to prove that you are the best person for a job
Citizenship is much more harder, till this day marriage or immediate family member are the easiest way if not the only one
But I wish you the best of luck and hope you will fulfill your dreams & goals
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NenSninelix : No, a bachelors degree in accounting is not likely to get you a work visa to come to the U.S. There are plenty of U.S. citizens with bachelors degrees in accounting AND relevant work experience; there's no shortage of qualified accounting professionals here.

If you really want to get a work visa to come to the U.S., get an advanced degree (masters or PhD) in the sciences; a degree in engineering or nursing; or become a physician. All fields that are experiencing shortages of experienced professionals.
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bettzerboy : Answer 1 says it all Join a Top Company and later apply for a transfer to the US.
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AgapeMo : Pick a visa

There are basically NINE ways that you can get a visa to live and work in the US:

(1) Marriage (or engagement in anticipation of marriage) to a US citizen.

(2) You have skills that are in short supply in the US e.g. scientific or medical training. A degree is normally a must. Or you have superior specialist skills with at least 12 years experience. (H visas)applications next received on 1st April 2014

(3) You have an Employer who is willing to transfer you - but even the employer has to make a good case for you - so you have to be a manager unless you fall under category (2) above.(L visas)

(4) You may get a Green card in the diversity lottery (UK citizens, except N.Ireland, are not generally eligible unless you, your spouse or parents were born abroad or held a different citizenship.

(5)You own or buy business (does not get you permanent resident status i.e. no green card)You must be a national of a qualifying Treaty countries. The business must have a minimum value of around $150k (more the better) bearing in mind you will need somewhere to live and with any startup business you will need at least 2 years living money as back up. So a figure of $350k would be a nearer minimum (E-2 visas)

(6)You are an "investor" i.e. you have at least US $1m in assets to bring with you. half of that in a few areas. And your background will be investigated to the hilt. (EB-5 visas)

(7)You have a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister and no further) who is an US citizen who would sponsor you, approx time this take 2-12 years?

(8.The R1 visa is available to foreign members of religious denominations, having bona fide non-profit religious organizations in the U.S., for entering the U.S. to carry on the activities of a minister or religious worker as a profession, occupation or vocation

(9)THE UNUSUAL You are in a position to claim refugee status/political asylum. or You get a member of Congress to sponsor a private bill with legislation that applies just to you.
The S visa issued to persons who assist US law enforcement to investigate and prosecute crimes and terrorist activities such as money laundering and organized crime

Recruitment agent will not take you seriously if you are not already in the US. Writing for jobs is really a waste of time; likewise US employers have no idea what foreign qualification are or mean (except Degrees) it may pay you to get your qualification translated into a US equivalent, there are Companies that do this ( ..
But if you are getting a visa under (2) above then you need a job offer before you can get the visa. Your Employer will be your sponsor this will cost them upward of $5k. So you can see you have to be offering something really special to get considered They may also have to prove to the Dept of labor that tere is no American who can do the job if the position is to be permanent ©
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punov104 : Nope. Millions of our own citizens graduate with that degree every year and cannot find work.
Get a Masters degree in a science or engineering field.
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baofu125 : It depends on where you are going. TTC route 58 runs along Airport Rd into Mississauga and goes as far as Westwood Mall in Malton. You have to pay Mississauga fare in addition to TTC fare if you go past the airport.

MiWay buses serve Islington subway station, Long Branch GO station, and Humber College North Campus. There are no free transfers between TTC and MiWay, though.

If you are making this trip on a regular basis, you might consider getting a GTA weekly pass or Presto card. The GTA pass is valid on MiWay, Brampton Transit, TTC, and YRT/Viva, but not GO. Presto is valid on all local transit systems in the GTA including GO, though it is not available at all TTC stations or on TTC surface vehicles.
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