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enrogginc : i have an idea for an accessory to a product that already exists. i would like to get a patent on my idea before i pitch it to the company and i was wondering if anyone has an idea of how i would go about this? thanks alot.

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Ugg53503 : You have to have plans, specifications and a working model. You have to hire a patent attorney. A search has to be done to see if the idea has already been patented. It might cost you $5,000.
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nishop2012 : Robert...

Actually you do NOT need a model or a sample or actually ANYTHING other than the complete description of your inventive idea..

You know that patents are IMPROVEMENTS..... So the accessory you speak of IMPROVES it.. Right...

See how to do it here...


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unsuffrot : If your goal is to just get something "patent pending" quickly and cheaply a provisional patent applicaiton might be a good fit. You can either write and file it yourself or hire someone to do it (i.e. a patent attorney or patent agent). See this post:
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baofu125 : My daughters father is not a part of her life regularly. He pops in and out once or twice a year. He has some mental issues that would inhibit his ability to be a good father. I have two other children by my husband now, and I would like for my oldest child by my first husband to legally be my husbands. Just in case something happens to me I don't want my children separated. I want them to grow up together. I would like to give my husband a legal gaurdianship overe my daughter without terminating my ex husbands parental rights... Is this possible? My husband has been with my 8 year old since she was 1. She calls him daddy. Someone help me please.
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zoownnohype : What you current husband has to do is adopt her. That settles everything. And you really have to terminate the biological father's rights. You only get one father.
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hervebwb : You'll need a lawyer for this. What you want is for your husband to adopt. I'm reasonably sure that your ex husband will have to give up his parental rights.

But that's not a big thing. It would mean that can't get child support. But he can still come and visit the child. You can let anyone you want visit the child.
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LierCheeprind : Her father doesn't need to terminate his rights. You would need to have a will that specifies that you want your husband to have custody if something happens to you. Also, you can have a lawyer draft an agreement that allows your husband a limited power of attorney over her, like in case of a medical emergency. That way he would have some legal rights and so would her father. You could check with the lawyer to find out what other options you have.
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zszoowam : Why would you want your husband to have legal guardianship over your daughter??? If you do this - then YOU have NO say in anything anymore. Just leave it the way it is and, if, the biological father ever wishes to give his 'rights away'..........then your husband can adopt your daughter.
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BedoPearrr : Please help me to get some reliable, decent and good cabs to take from Hyderabad to Manthralayam and back after a day. Your help is much appreciated.
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