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FLestesWP : I was told (unable to verify), that in 2010 the US Patent office started a rule that you can no longer patent an invention with no moving parts. Is this true and if so, how can I protect myself from an invention that doesn't contain moving parts?

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djrmiks : Step One: Contact a Patent Attorney
Step Two: Refer to step one....
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stuartfish : You were told by who?

Obviously incorrect info. How could I get a patent for a new type of sock or glove or ice cube tray or cokkie cutter or etc?

"how can I protect myself from an invention that doesn't contain moving parts?"

Is such an invention threatening you with bodily harm?
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iuolermef : As with every "I was told" story, that's not true.

Many valid patents have no moving parts.
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Pescuectime : What you heard is not true....

Not even close.... Consider drugs and business methods... Here is one for you to look at...

If you want to protect your inventive idea with no moving parts then consider the Provisional Application for Patent.. To see HOW to do this then check out the website below!
Act QUICK because there is some crazy lawyer out there who HATES when I give useful answers and marks my questions for deletion! Then, Yahoo UNDELETES the answer and DEMERITS their account..
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Halliepaolo44 : fell ill with bladder cancer caused by the chemicals he had to work with and didnt have masks or gloves.Lawer said to take it to court but he needed the job.After an operation and papers from 2 doctors who said to change positions.So he got an office job and delivering some mail by car.

Now an new CEO arrived and my friend must be his personal driver and do all his other duties...which is impossible and he will have to drive over 1,000 kms daily .
Please please tell me where he stands .He explained that he was ill and could only do one of the jobs but his boss said he doesnt care if he has cancer he has problems at home ,Strange but true
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cheernacatova : Your friend needs to see an attorney. He should look for one who will not charge for an initial consultation.
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TCalfred : i will be kuala lumpur airport at 0630 0745 flight to penang. i will be kuala lumpur airport at 0630 0745 flight to penang
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Musfoenue : a 10 euro bank note in the us.. a 10 euro bank note in the us.
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esyez021 : At a currency exchange place. Although I'm not sure how many would sell you such a small amount. You'd have to just go in and ask until you found one that would sell you just 10 euros.
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