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mashiwom : Well I just turned 16 and started to think about what I wanted to do when I get older. For the longest time now I have wanted to be a lawyer. I know lawyers make a lot of money but exectly how much do they make? Right now I live in Philadelphia but when I get older I plan on moving to either California or Paris, so I was wondering how much do lawyers make per week/year in California and in Paris. I also know that there are different types of lawyers so what are they, what do they do, and which one makes the most money. Oh and one more thing could you please convert the British mone to America money. Sorry for the long question. Thanks in advance!

P.S:please be honest :)
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tomn067 : Exactly what grades are you going to make in law school? You first...
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epfvbfaz : The average is around $80k starting off, $140 mid career, and $180 late career.

But there are also lawyers who make $40,000 working for Green Peace, or $400 million working for multinational corporations.
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pleplayning : Don't become a lawyer just for the pay, do something rewarding law isn't what its made up to be
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Atrormmup : The average lawyer in California makes about $79,000 to $90,000. The highest paid attorneys are the ones that deal with the complex and technical field of tax law. This is a list from about types of lawyers in California i think you can search on Wikipedia to find out what they do.
Publisher Attorney Law Magazine in California
Deputy District Attorney in California
Assistant Attorney General in California
Publisher in California
Assistant City Attorney in California
Assistant County Attorney in California
Real Estate And Mortgage in California
Labor & Employment Attorney in California
Public Defender in California
Attorney Document Review in California
Supervisory Attorney Advisor in California
Tax Attorney in California
Patent Attorney in California
Attorney in California
General Attorney in California

The average in paris is 72,000 to 81,000

Here's a list for Paris

Publisher Attorney Law Magazine
Deputy District Attorney
Assistant Attorney General
Assistant City Attorney
Assistant County Attorney
Real Estate And Mortgage
Labor & Employment Attorney
Public Defender
Attorney Document Review
Supervisory Attorney Advisor
Tax Attorney
Patent Attorney
General Attorney

All in USD hope this helps,
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Exeffuemi : I knbow lawyers making millions by owning a firm with lots of lawyers, and I know some who cannot pay the rent on the office above a bar.
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Sictantee : I know lawyers make a lot of money
Sorry but this is not an accurate statement...right now there is a very, very bad job market for lawyers.
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Daudiodia : Hello, I live in the state of Texas. Navarro County to be exact. It is a small town so I feel like county offices get away with everything!
A young man broke into somebody house and stole an item and sold it to my friend.
My friend is now being charged with theft $1500 to $20000 but he did not do the dirt? The police question him about breaking into the house and he said he had nothing to do with it. But they went ahead and arrested him anyways. Now they got the young man who broke into the house, but his charged was burglary of a habitation.

Like I don't really understand... I feel like they have my friend in there for some BS! and I do not feel like this was right. They had no evidence or anything.

Well, are they right? or what?
Who can I talk to? I tried talking to the District Attorney, but I feel like everybody here just works together!
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Abnolermed : your friend needs to give up who sold it to him
in exchange for a reduced charge of possession of stolen property

and he has steeper charges because he didn't tell them who did it!!!

u couldn't figure that out?!
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roinemanath : First things first, you don't have to to actually steal something to be charged for theft (example: Theft by receiving stolen property). The fact the your friend was in possession of the item is all the evidence needed to charge him. The only way he could get out of his charge would be to convince the judge that he didn't know that the item was stolen. If he did by chance know that the item was stolen then he is just as guilty as the person that stole the item. The reason that it feels like everyone works together is because they do. The DA is the one charging your friend.
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