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Joseph Qk : I have an awesome game idea, but doesn't have resourses to make it. So I want to patent my idea to exclude stealing.
Thanks for help.

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necladatio : To protect yourself without having to go to great expense, document your idea PRECISELY, as if you were submitting it to a patent attorney or the patent office. Then put it in a seal-able envelope (one that can not be opened without breaking the seal) and mail it to yourself with a required signature. When it arrives and you sign for it, make sure the seal is still intact and put it in your important papers (safe or safety deposit box preferably). Should anyone else say it was their idea, you have your sealed envelope with a date on it proving when you had the idea. If their version is slightly different, then it does you no good. You need to cover possible versions in your original paperwork. If you come up with a variation later, mail another envelope to yourself.
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Joseph Qk : I need one that will do ANYTHING to get me what I need and deserve. Please help me
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franklynjehoj : And you plan to be able to pay them how?

Attorneys typically specialize in different areas so you will have to provide some details what you need to even hope to get recommendations.
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Joseph Qk : At 13, you cannot hire an attorney yourself. You must have an adult acting for you. In most cases, this adult would be your parent or legal guardian. If your parent or guardian is the person that you want to take action against, you need to ask a judge to appoint someone to look after your interests.

Incidentally, you won't get emancipated at the age of 13, if that's what you want. The best you can do is get a change of guardianship.
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Daudiodia : You are a MINOR.
No lawyer can work for you, without the consent of your parent. Very simple. Minors cannot enter any contract by law (which is what it would be, for a lawyer to "work" for you).
Lawyers don't just do anything. They HAVE TO ABIDE by the law.
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Pawwrercesata : I'm flying American Airlines to SFO (San Francisco) airport and have a connecting flight with Alaskan Airlines. Will I need to recheck my luggage and go through security again? I'm not sure how it works since it's a different airline and I have to switch terminals at an airport that I have never been in.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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saitiolmesela : American and Alaska Airlines are buddies. Your luggage will be forwarded. All you have to do is get to your next boarding area.
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sryanw : So I have been on copa's website and I have logged in and uploaded my resume but it seems like all jobs are out of the country. I would like to b apply for ticketing/check in agent positions but I don't know how? Any suggestions. ..I live in orlando Fl so MCO is the airport closest to me
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mugonitok : its cheaper if i take flight tickets to India through US. but i want to know if i can fly to US with Indian passport and Canadian PR card
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