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ajemanejdz : My friends shot a feature length movie with handheld HD cameras. Filming is now complete but now we got a bunch of editing to do. I'll go to the point. We invested a fair amount for props, make-up, special FX, a car (now destroyed), and such . Basically my question is, when we get to the point of adding a soundtrack, music into the film, is there someone we can contact to get the rights. We are first going to uploaded into YT and make DVD copies to be sent to studios. We reserved some money for this, so that's not really going to be a problem. Any insight or advice would be really nice. Thank you.
In some segments, we filmed in both a living room and a bar (with permission) with a TV in the background showing the news in one and a movie in the other. Will this cause any problems also? We also have a scene with some drug use in it. For the record all participants are 21+.
Drugs are fake obviously.
Its not a porn in anyway.
We are Americans, although some of the footage was filmed in Mexico. We paid all of the expenses out of our own pocket.
And also 3 simulated homicides using prop guns, we add the explosion digitally and blood pouches for the victims.

Plot is actually good, so is the acting. We live in the Orlando, FL area. Getting some tracks from some local bands is a good idea that we have considered, they don't even have to be local. I have not

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dicSlulpcut : You need the consent of the artist or their studio.
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Kicoblilm : Yes, you need permission for most songs that you did not write or compose yourself. Some music is considered to be in the "public domain" but most of that music is classical and hundreds of years old. Otherwise, you will need to do a copyright search to find the owner of the song you want to use. Some owners will flat-out say no because they do not want their music associated with certain ideas (such as porn).

The entire process can be quite complicated because the owner will want to make sure that you only use the music on a limited scale and it is difficult to monitor how successful a movie might be. For example, if you wanted to buy limited rights to a new Garth Brooks song and you contracted to only use it in your movie then Garth Brooks would very much like to know how large your movie's distribution is.

The first place to start is a copyright attorney. These types of attorneys are also known as intellectual property attorneys. If you choose an attorney who also does patents then he or she is going to charge you an enormous amount of money because he or she is very specialized attorney and they make lots and lots of money. However, if you chose an intellectual property attorney who does not do patents then you will save yourself a lot of money and not necessarily lose any competent representation.

Something else to consider: change your music track. I do not know where you live in the world but there is a lot of local bands that would probably love to addition for tracks to your movie AT NO CHARGE, in exchange for the simple right to use their music in your movie. That would make the contracting less complicated for the attorney to draft (saves money) and you would not have to buy the rights to a soundtrack that could ruin your budget for the film.

Try starting with if you are not sure where to start. However, I first suggest seeing a copyright attorney. Many attorneys give free consultations and you could learn so much ACCURATE information about how to proceed.

It sounds like you have a real good start on your movie. If you are going to be working on other films you are going to want to establish a relationship with an attorney sooner or later because this issue will come up again and again: music, quotes, background pics, scripts, showing of movies or television programs in the background, etc.

Good luck with your picture. I hope this helps.
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chopilborgorb : This person caused me huge problems. He was in Gemany but he was a Bulgarian citizen, His journalist stepfather helped him to get American citizenship just so Germany could deport him. I accidently killed the guy fighting for my life and now I have to suffer from a manslaughter conviction til 2018
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Higinhinocumn : In the US, you can sue anyone for anything. Will it be a waste of your time and money? Yes.
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Sopmduozlhi : you can always try. But suing the US because they recognized this person as a citizen doesn't sound like anything you can sue for. Were they wrong?
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vxperhapslh : Absolutely.
Set aside $200,000 for attorney's fees and get the show on the road.
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EffodoGob : So i went on a trip 3 weeks ago and you know those people that check you in at the airport well there was a guy and at first i didnt really care much about his presence until i caught him staring at me for a while. we were done checking in and we went to wait for the plane to arrive i was just sitting there and i turned a little and he was walking by staring at me. The whole time he was in the desk he kept staring at me and wouldnt do his job! he was very cute and almost perfect but my uncle was there with me the whole time so i couldnt approach him. With that said what do you guys think did he want me ? I told my friend about it and she said she gave me the idea of going back to the airport and seeing him but im not sure , should i take the risk ?!!
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aOccuchunedy : I'm a year 2 student doing Aerospace Engineering with Pilot studies. I desperately want a job as a ticket handler for one of the airlines (Like at the check-in desks) however I don't have the slightest idea of how I go about doing that.

Need some urgent help as to how and where I can apply for these jobs! Helpppp!

Thanks in advance.
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Graiccaky : Just go in and ask...or go on the specific companies websites and see if they're taking on.

Hope this helps

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