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malborosek : Patent attorney fornly in Sacramento

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messkaddy : Yes
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Reersumbere : How long does a rapists get in prison. I am in Alaska if that helps and I know this girl who was raped by her female friend and the friends boyfriend. I want to know how long these sick people will get in prison.
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Isabella_Washington : Their weapon should be removed.
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camarok : Sadly it depends on several factors.

-» the person they raped,
-» the age of the person they raped,
-» the prosecutor and the defense attorney

the average time is between 20-35 years. not nearly long enough. there should bh mandatory life in prison for rape IMO.
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indiananimator : Taxi is way too expensive, but I can't find any specific train routes serving both locations.
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frontru : Does the ttc go there? Any out busses that are less inexpensive?
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Knoprubsop : You could walk?
You could ride your bike?
You could take a taxi?
You could take a car?

There are many ways to go from Toronto to Mississauga without having to use GO Transit. What you probably meant is what are some cheaper public transit ways to get there. The GO website tells me I can go from the Union Station to Milton station for only $9.20. That seems pretty reasonable.

And it looks like the TTC offers service between those points for $3 per ride. Check on Google and the public transit mapper will give you the actual bus routes available.
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baofu125 : It depends on where you are going. TTC route 58 runs along Airport Rd into Mississauga and goes as far as Westwood Mall in Malton. You have to pay Mississauga fare in addition to TTC fare if you go past the airport.

MiWay buses serve Islington subway station, Long Branch GO station, and Humber College North Campus. There are no free transfers between TTC and MiWay, though.

If you are making this trip on a regular basis, you might consider getting a GTA weekly pass or Presto card. The GTA pass is valid on MiWay, Brampton Transit, TTC, and YRT/Viva, but not GO. Presto is valid on all local transit systems in the GTA including GO, though it is not available at all TTC stations or on TTC surface vehicles.
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ebusxjre : The Mississauga transit does go to some spots in Toronto, including the Kipling Station
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