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ReonoSkeskGow : Can I use "UCF" in the name of my company which catered to UCFstudents?

I'm starting an online book shop website catered for students in university of central florida, I'm thinking to use the name UCFTEXTBOOKS.COM as website domain and UCFTEXTBOOKS as company name , but I am not sure if it's legal for me to use "UCF" in my company's name and website domain? Could any lawyer help me ? Does University of central florida own the copy right of the 3 letters "UCF"?

Thanks so much!!!
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VaraTrurorb : I'm not an attorney but I think you are on your way to receiving a nasty letter or 2 from one.

You can do a trademark search online at The United States Patent and Trademark Office website, the link is referenced below. There are a lot UCF trademarks registered.

You should use an attorney to set up your business anyway, asking them about the trademark issue is your safest bet.

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Gugawemilia : I highly doubt it. But I believe that you could use "Knights" in there without concern.
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uniondory : My friend went to court today to be sentence for escape in the 2nd degree. They told her to come back sept 10. Why would they do that? She had an emergency c-section about 3 wks ago & is in a lot of pain still, could that be why?
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Tiniimqerfv : Maybe that's why. Or, maybe the judge or the prosecutor or her defense attorney wasn't available.
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rbjarmkgxvvw : travel from canada to greenland. travel from canada to greenland
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Cherrimyb : Yes. You can travel from Canada to any place on earth. However you may have to change planes one or more times.
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operforGowrib : Yes you can travel Canada to Greenland with valid travel documentation.

These websites can help you more related to visa and travel information:
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vobNovepriera : I've done it quite a few times, although I was travelling with the military. It is possible, but, it's not easy. Nor cheap.
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jajidmeu : There is no scheduled boat or ferry service

Two airlines currently provide scheduled service to the country:

Air Greenland the flag carrier offers several options for reaching Greenland:

Year-round, a daily return between Copenhagen Denmark and Kangerlussuaq with a second daily return in the summer season contracted out to Danish carrier JetTime. From Kangerlussaq, you can reach any other city or settlement in the country, including the capital Nuuk, through Air Greenland's domestic network.
Seasonally, Air Greenland has several departures each week between Copenhagen and Narsarsuaq, operated by JetTime.
June through September, two weekly returns from Keflavik Airport in Iceland (Icelandair's hub) to both Nuuk and Narsarsuaq. With plentiful flights between the United States and Iceland, this is by far the easiest way to get to Greenland from North America. It's also the most affordable as it's the only route Air Greenland has any competition on.

Also June through September, starting in 2012, twice weekly service between Iqaluit in Canada and Nuuk. Through codeshare agreements with FirstAir, it is possible to purchase a ticket originating in Ottawa (YOW) from around DKK 10,000 ($2,500 return).

Air Greenland only sells tickets through its own website and travel agents, fares are not advertised on Expedia, Priceline, or any consolidator website. Despite minority ownership by SAS, Air Greenland is not part of the Star Alliance network nor has codeshares through SAS or any other major carrier. Interlining baggage and a single reservation may be possible - consult your travel agent.

Air Iceland [4] operates year-round flights from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, Ittoqqortoormiit and Nuuk and additionally to Narsarsuaq and Ilulissat during the summer months. Bear in mind that Air Iceland is not the same carrier as Icelandair, operates out of the downtown Reykjavik airport (domestic and Greenland flights only), rather than the international airport at Keflavik, which Icelandair uses. If you arrive on Icelandair from North America or Europe, you'll need to transfer airports, and you should allow at least four hours between flights for this. If you are vacationing in Iceland, one popular day excursion is to fly from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, where traditional handicrafts are on sale, before returning to the comparative comforts of Iceland.
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