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aviatiogfs : Hi guys, I just want to get your opinion on what career path would be a better choice. Law or engineering?. Currently, Im studying general studies in college and my GPA is 3.75. I'm interested in both engineering and law and I would like to go for P.HD. That's my goal. Just doing some research on both majors..Thank you! :)

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Effitswes : Lawyers are like the leaves on a tree, you can not shake a stick without hitting one.
Engineers are in high demand and will be from now own.
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IrrineeFurf : Patent attorneys generally have both law and engineering degrees.
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likelucyru :
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kehokimeFop : No
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SkipSnuntee : no
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eraractiorO : NO a POA dies with the grantor the executor of a will may or may not be the same person who held the POA depending on what the will says. If the person dies without a will the state will choose an executor.
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ForexSignals : No, they are not the same thing.
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UCMatthew : im from the philippines and since i am riding airasia. my flight is up to goldcoast only , my destination is brisbane. i would like to know how far is the GC airport from GC train station for brisbane? what is the cheapest way for transfer?
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esyez003 : Right outside the airport doors the surfside buses leave for various places on The Gold coast . These are the public buses and are the cheapest buses to travel on and if you get a go card then travel is cheaper again. I believe one of the buses go to Varsity lakes railway station. also I think Robina station. Just ask one of the bus drivers which is the best bus to get to the railwaystation. Buses leave each half hour for each destination. You may be able to pay for your ticket on the bus that will also take you straight to Brisbane by train. Translink is the name that gives info for travel They have timetables and info on the web.
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