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Affongenice : I'm worried someone will steel my idea. I know other people have done it but I'm sure there's not a patent on it. It involves using soda cans and I know you need the companies permission to use their products for stuff like that. I'm afraid that if I tell the company about my idea they will take it. So my question is is there a way I can get a patent on my invention and get permission from the company without them being able to steel it? Also how could I get a patent?

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seexboomi : You hire a patent attorney to research if you have a new idea and take care of the paperwork.
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ArridoNop : You cannot patent an "idea." You can buy cans from a can manufacturer.
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Emaimiply : "I have a idea and I don't no how to put a patent on it?" You can't patent an idea. You need an actual product.

"It involves using soda cans and I know you need the companies permission to use their products for stuff like that." No, you don't. You can invent something that improves upon an existing design or product. That something could be protected by a "utility" patent.

"a way I can get a patent on my invention and get permission from the company without them being able to steel it?" You can patent your product, and sell the patent itself, or the rights to manufacture using your design.

"Also how could I get a patent?" It's a pretty complex deal. Even the patent office recommends hiring a good patent attorney. But they do offer patent submission online, and the nessecary info. (Link below.)

Good luck. :)
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kedduadwaytum : Hi Candi,

Its the purpose of patenting to protect the interests of an inventor. If you do not have filed for a Patent and disclose it to someone who know a thing or two about patents may go and file a patent for same idea in his name. The best way to avoid anybody stealing your idea is to file at least a 'Provisional Patent Application'. It gives you a filing date and a time of 12 months to work on your idea and further develop it. Also the 'Provisional Patent' filing is a much affordable as compared to the 'Complete Non-Provisional Application'

It is to be noted that a Provisional must be followed by a Non-provisional within 12 months to have the advantage of provisional.

Please read my detailed post on Provisional Patents here:

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TrurlNismmish : You could start with getting a provisional patent. There are lot of resources on the web to find out a little more about how to obtain one. They're much cheaper and will give you the opportunity to explore the commercial viability of your idea before having to spend all the money it costs to get a patent. You'll also have to investigate whether or not you'll be able to get a patent at all (is your idea original/non-obvious).
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Sleeryrub : Take a look at the Provisional Application for Patent process ofrom the USPTO that costs $125.

PM me with questions... Use the free NDA in the link below too..
Act QUICK because there is some crazy lawyer out there who HATES when I give useful answers and marks my questions for deletion! Then, Yahoo UNDELETES the answer and DEMERITS their account..
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Unrerolor : Hello, I've been developing and producing a magazine style show. Basically, it's being done without any funding. The goal is to have several episodes (this way we can either find a distributor or contact content programmers directly to see if they'll pick-up the product) and also do a fundraiser on kickstarter. The show is a half hour of variety featured stories. There is one main theme that ties everything together and this makes it slightly different from most magazine style shows. The show is coming together quite beautifully. The editing is sharp, the camerawork superior as the people involved are emmy award winning professionals. In the past when when I've worked on show developments, the financial backers and or sponsors ..or owners of their show had their attorneys take care of any legal paper work.

So, the creation of a show is to me. But the legal aspects are since this is my project. Figuring out how I should go about registering and or copyrighting the show or trademarking the show I was told you can't copyright a magazine show, because a magazine show is a magazine show, is a magazine show. However, this genuinely has an main theme that would make it different. And the theme is obvious in the show. The show is fun and high quality and its to the point where we've noticed as we've been producing the show, there has been a lot of interest generating from our work. This is making me paranoid. :)

Sure, the easy thing would be to go to an attorney and take care of all of this....but there is no money and attorneys are expensive.
What are the steps I can take without an attorney to protect the show?

Note, the show is not a reality show, it's not a sitcom and it's not a drama series. It is a magazine style show. It can easily fit on an outlet like TLC, BRAVO, DISCOVERY and even E.

Am I supposed to copyright the title? logo of the show? the ID bug? The "theme"? I want to do this before someone who actually has the funds takes the concept we've been working so hard on and runs....

Last but not least, how much

Thank you
Last but not least, how much can one expect to spend?
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