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yclaraf : Hi. Im 36 yrs old and had several corneal transplants to my right eye in the last three years. I had to stop working due to these surgeries and filed a disability claim through SSA. After the first year I was denied and hired an attorney. Since then I had a couple more surgeries in the same eye due to rejections. My SSA hearing date was March 24 2013. They didn't make a decision at the hearing and wanted to obtain more information from my doctor which since has been given to the judge over a month ago. My doctor still says I can't go to work. My attorney says we have to wait for an answer whenever that will be. My biggest question is, how long does it usually take to receive a yes or no answer after three months since the hearing? My attorney isn't really telling me anything except keep on waiting. Im homeless but staying with a family friend, Im almost completely blind and can't work. Im on NC state Medicaid and food stamps. I even had a friend type this for me because I cant see. Does anyone else have similar experiences? Any professional advice? I feel completely hopeless and lost at this point, any advice, opinions, discussions, etc. would be greatly appreciated

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Jonut : One thing I really get out of your question is... you need a different lawyer, this one is not doing his job.
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aliefique : I've practiced disability law for over 20 years and have handled thousands of cases. Although it may not make sense to you, I understand your attorney's advice that there isn't much you can do except hurry up and wait. That's just the way most government agencies work- there really isn't any way to speed them up and raising too much fuss can hurt you. Repeated calls to the judge won't make him work any faster. Each area is different, and in fact each judge is different. I'm not in your area, but I normally tell clients to start looking for a decision 90 days or so after a hearing. So your wait hasn't been extraordinarily long.
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KneermaWarf : 1) Have never made use of attorney for SS claim, so wouldn't know exactly how long it takes "after" one of them is on the case. But from the TV advertisements I used to watch, and from the Yellow Pages attorney ads, I can see it should be won by attorney pretty fast. Usually they don't take any case which they know they will not win. Personally believe there is something very wrong with your case. You have to tell your attorney to come clean and tell you exactly where you stand.

2) The word of the doctor itself should be more than enough! SS almost always requires for a person to have been seen by a doctor for at least a year, now imagine that your own doctor is already saying you CANNOT work and you began ALL proceedings at least two years ago!!!

Someone is being extremely negligent in all this; make sure it is NOT you!
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ozrf4332 : My friend had a long Waite so he was at the fair an our Senator was campaigning there so he went to him an asked for help.His claim was approved in 3 weeks.Go to you Representative an ask for help.
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Seillaclark : It is more difficult to get when you are so young. And your attorney must prove at the hearing you cannot do any kind of job. This is government charity. You cant expect them to make a decision just because YOU need money.
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zakladykliczko : Hi...

I'm an exchange student in Liverpool and want to travel to Belfast. I've got a few questions to ask:

1.) Is it safe to travel there right now? I've been hearing news of riots in the city. I was thinking of going at the end of August for just a day trip.

2.) What is the main mode of transportation? How do i get from the airport to the city and from the city to the famous landmarks cheaply and efficiently? I was thinking of maybe getting a hop-on/hop-off bus tour as I am just 1 female traveling, would that be a good idea?

3.) Any famous place/restaurant you may want to recommend?

Will deeply appreciate your answers. Thank you very much.
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TarQuarmDap : Marching season so the young drunks are out blaming the marching for their trouble making and generally causing trouble for a few days in a couple of areas........ its a habit they have gotten into ......

1. Yes it is safe, Belfast is a great city and NI a great place
2 Same as anywhere else in the UK, Bus , Taxi, Train......... I dare not ask what you thought? "female traveling, would that be a good idea" why not, there is no issue with a female travelling alone in NI. You want City airport( George Best airport), NOTInternational.....just outside you catch a bus into the city...a train or a taxi, very easy straight road in.
3 Titanic Quarter, murals tour and the black taxi's are the way to go on that one or the open topped tourist bus from outside 'the blackman' ( statue outside Belfast Met city centre) 21 Social restaurant is lovely it is in the old part of the city the Catherdral quarter along with lots of lovely little places with fab food, Cafe Conor is also nice in the Queens quarter near Ulster Museum and the Lyric

Great place for tourists to visit
Belfast Welcome Centre
47 Donegall Place

You will be back once you have been once and you will kick yourself you are not staying longer than a day........... enjoy
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camarok : Which cities should I see if I only have a week to travel?

I'm thinking Boston, Atlantic City, Chicago, New Orleans, Denver, Austin/Houston Texas, and Seattle.

I am from California, and I am a single 25 year old guy who just wants to travel, adventure, have some fun, and make incredible memories. I like trying new things, new restaurants, foods, events, nightclubs, bars, lounges, casinos, strip clubs etc lol... Which would you recommend for a guy like me? If I only want to spend about 7 days on the total trip, which should I prioritize or which should I maybe cancel out for this trip?

Thank you so much for any advice!
I'm also down for museums and parks, lakes, beaches, things like that.
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bioriaseina : I'd suggest:

Atlantic City

New Orleans, pretty much Texas in general and Seattle I'd avoid. Nothing to see there.
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