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wamyenganeumb : I got divorced in 1997. I still owe GAL fees. I am on disability and can not pay. The GAL has been threating to put me in jail for non payment and is taking me to court. Can a judge put me in jail for not being able to pay or for not paying? I am on disability. Also, the attorney in question has been threating me. what can be done? thanks, T

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MegaProfitdade : I don't know who GAL is, but a lawyer would just sue you. You won't go to jail.
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abigeodia : There is no debtors prison in the US or Canada.
When you refer to the attorney threatening you, how is this happening? The lawyer can go after some of your disability or any other income or property you have. But one can't get blood from a stone. Try to get the lawyer(s) on tape or speaking with witnesses present.
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weeliemninems : no you won't go to jail.
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Immuptect : My senior week is next June, and me and my friends are planning to go to Disney. However, out of our group none of us drive but we are capable to get our licenses before then. I have a seasonal job (summer only) but am working on getting a job during the school year.
What I was wondering was, would it be cheaper to get a round trip ticket and just depend on shuttle buses or should we drive? Would it be easier to just book a hotel with Disney and is there any tips you guys could give me?
Thank you!!
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necladatio : If you're only going to Disney World, I suggest staying at a Disney hotel. You should probably choose a value resort as those are the least expensive options, and they're still very nice. I would recommend Disney's Pop Century or the value rooms at the Art of Animation resort. They each have their own dedicated bus lines that they don't share with other resorts. (The All-Star Resorts share a bus. This can be problematic sometimes if there's a long wait.)

That way, you can fly into Orlando International Airport, take Disney's Magical Express bus straight to your hotel's lobby.

Honestly, if none of you are experienced drivers, and none of you have licenses and it is almost August, I wouldn't even bother driving. Depending on the states you might drive through, laws may vary about inexperienced drivers or drivers under the age of 21.

When you're there, you can take advantage of Disney's free, reliable transportation to and from the Disney parks and attractions. You wouldn't have to worry about transportation at all.

When you stay off-property, the shuttle services become less reliable. Some are okay, but most are less-than-stellar or are completely unpredictable. These off-property hotels might advertise a free shuttle, but what they don't tell you is that the shuttle only runs for three hours in the morning and then three hours in the evening, and that's it. If you wanted to stay and catch the fireworks shows at any of the parks, sometimes the last off-property shuttle leaves well before the fireworks even start.

Disney buses run every twenty minutes (more or less) and are absolutely reliable. It is one of my primary reasons for staying at a Disney hotel.

Another tip is that, if you plan on eating two or three meals a day, I suggest getting a quick service dining plan with your trip to a Disney hotel. You get two quick service meals plus one snack per person, per day. You also get one refillable drink mug per person which you can use for your whole stay at the hotel's restaurant.

If you're breakfast eaters, just purchase breakfast at your resort's cafeteria. It is the cheapest meal of the day by far, and you don't want to waste a dining credit on that. You can generally get breakfast for about $6 or less.

If you want, another option is to bring prepackaged foods, like Pop-Tarts or cereal bars.
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ZZbradley : I'm flying from Croatia (It's about 95 °F here, so yeah it's really hot) to Tunis (It's about 90 °F there, so it's also really hot). I will be flying for only 2 hours and after that an hour with bus. What should I wear? A lot of people say that I should go with pants because it's cold in the airplane but I want to go with shorts, I think it's way to hot to wear pants. Or should I go with a casual dress?
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marleroker : Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Sometimes, it can be cold on the plane; the one I was on earlier this week was very cold. Bur you only have a two hour flight which isn't too bad. I'd recommend the casual dress for the flight.
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iuolermef : is there an ATM inside the airport? and can i get british pounds from it or what because i will travel from england
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cronsonia : You'll certainly not get GBP from any machine abroad.

there will be a machine at the airport but it may be hard to find.

Get your Turkish money in UK - high street not airport.
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