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emapseassew : Not on street corners and doubt I would get caught.would it be wise to give custody of my kids on paper to a friend just in case

Don't judge
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qpeilamfyn : Depends on if anyone wants them.
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ringajm150 : Yes, you could lose custody.
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Groolipioli : Yes you would lose them. Marry me and you won't be out trickin ;)
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asdrjh536 : I think it depends on why state you are in
I would go ahead and send them to a friend just in case
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yughkygsrlxh : In a New York minute.
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brilsBuri : Yes, your kids would be taken away because you'd be deemed an unfit parent.
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Reittyengewem : Yes, you could lose custody. Sometimes if you follow the State's rules and requirements, you can gain custody back but only if you follow their requirements to the letter. Not judging, but if you have to do this always use protection. You could also contact your state food stamp office for assistance and ask about school or college programs whereby you can possibly get paid while training, getting your GED, or attending college classes. It probably doesn't pay as much, but it is respectable.
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acilivesserma : Yes, you can, but not necessarily will just because you get arrested or even convicted. Just depends if you can keep Social Services out of it. The police or court won't know you have kids unless you tell them. So don't.

Keep some money aside ALWAYS to HIRE a LAWYER if you get charged , plus enough to get bailed out right away, and tell him your concern about kids . Know who you are going to hire before you even start working. You don't want to be looking for a lawyer from a holding cell. And it can happen to anybody, especially before some experience.

You can give temporary guardianship without going to court. Need the right form, though. It's free here:
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AdvitsaddibiA : I have been to St Martin several times but via cruise ship. Had a day there each time. First time we did a tour of the island. There was not much to see other than beaches. After that we just browsed Philipsburg or went to the beaches. I think that you will find that you will spend most of your time at/on beaches. My advice is when you get there book a tour through your hotel concierge or even do it yourself online before you go. Then if you want to visit beaches other then the free one right by Philipsburg, like for example Orient Beach, then get a taxi to the beach. And for sure while you are there get a taxi to Maho Beach, also know as the airport beach.

The roads in St Martin are narrow and if you do rent a car you'll likely have to deal with finding and paying for a parking place.

This web site has information about things to do in St Martin:
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