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Spoblororne : Do you think this would create more checks and balances? This way the Attorney General would have more gumption to arrest the President if he stepped out of line.

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dombabrarturo : No.
And if you seriously think anybody would arrest the President of the US you live in another country.
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esyez003 : I have a flight in a couple of days and will have a 5 hour wait in Boston airport. How is it there. I do understand it may take some time to get through immigration but after that are there plenty shops, restaurants etc
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Gysrere : Very diverse but expensive shops and restaurants in Logan Airport
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yalicen : it's an airport
there are overpriced shops with trinkets, and overpriced airport restaurants
I strongly recommend a book an ipod and a smartphone with games and internet connections
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DrSandraVann : an airside pass. an airside pass
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Alexander_john : It is a pass which allows you to go past the check in security at an airport. If you are a workman or shop assistant in duty free, you need a pass to enable you to get to work. As it is a high security area, they won't let just anyone through. Passengers have tickets to destinations and their luggage and passports checked. Workers need another method of ID.
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likelucyru : It's a pass to the airside of an airport - the part that is past the security check and where normally only passengers can go. Obviously people work there too in the shops and restaurants and so on, immigration, customs, the airport's own staff, baggage handlers... and they all need to be security checked and issued with an airside pass so they can get to work. Basically anyone who might be able to get access to a plane because they're on the other side of the security check needs one to keep our flights safe.
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orabashioks : Airside at an airport is the area behind checkin and security that gives access to the aircraft, baggage handling etc. To go past security into those areas you need a valid airside pass. These are not easy to get and you have to be prepared to wait, go to an interview, take a test, have a CRB check etc before you will be issued with one. Once issued the pass has to be validated by the airport security centre every few weeks. Airside passes are coded only to allow access to certain parts of the airport.
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sunlostli5r : We are flying in to San Francisco at the end of the month for a wedding. Our flight gets in late in the afternoon and then we will have about 1 1/2 hour drive to get to the wedding site (the wedding is the next day) we probably shouldn't but we really want to visit maybe the bridge (or something else if you have a better idea) or some other sort of site seeing. We will not have time to visit on our way back to the airport because of an early flight.

The question is if the bridge is worth seeing for someone who will probably not come to Cali again. And will 30 minutes do for time to visit? And is there anything else more interesting we should consider seeing??
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