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nwusernameh57 : My father in law is in a coma/on life support and my husband (his oldest son) wanted to become power of attorney but we were told he can't unless his dad signs a paper (which he obviously can't do).

1) Rob (my father in law) has a lot of money stashed and has a $50,000 life insurance policy. His family wants the money and they're greedy about it.

2) Robs own mother has given up hope and wants to turn the machines off now and keeps fighting my husband about it. (Rob is slowly improving everyday. He is taking more breaths on his own. He's showing more brain improvement.) My husband isn't ready to give up yet and he's afraid his grandma is going to go behind his back and have them turn the machines off.

3) My husbands little brother (Robs other son) is only 16. He does NOT want to move to Florida and live with his mom, yet as soon as Rob is deceased, she gets custody automatically. So even if he says he doesn't want to go, he legally would have to. If my husband is power of attorney he can say Rob chooses to leave Sammie with us until he is 18 then he can choose whatever he wants to do.

--- I thought since Sammie was 16 he could choose for himself where he wanted to go. But we would have to take his mom to court and since she would be his only guardian and his mother, it would be very hard to win if she really fights it. I've already talked to a lawyer. He said the only way we can get power of attorney since Rob can't sign the paper is by having the other family members sign a paper saying they want my husband to be the power of attorney. Which I can already tell you wouldn't happen. Is there any other way?? This is NOT what Rob would have wanted. I can't believe his family is doing this to him when he's still FIGHTING!! ---
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endongove : He could go to court, but understand that he would have to show that his mother is incapable of making this decision or doesn't have her husband's best interests at heart. It's her decision, not your husband's.

Also, if your father in law is in a hospital on life support, there's very little chance that anything's going to be left of a $50,000 life insurance policy when the estate is settled.
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anydayerast : Your husband needs to speak to the doctors in charge, they won't be in a hurry to kill Rob if they know some in the family are very much against it.

It's too late to get POA, but all is not lost. No one can just grab the assets and run. Rob's estate will have to go through a court process called "probate". Assets will go to pay off his debts, (medical bills could take a LOT of it) and then to whoever he says in his will. If no will, assets are distributed as state law requires, it varies a bit by state, but usually some percentage to wife, some to children. The minor son will get social security survivor benefits until he is eighteen. The check will, of course, go to his guardian.

The insurance will go to who ever is the beneficiary Rob listed on the policy.

The custody issue is tough. Two years seems like forever to a 16 year old , and changing schools, and friends can be hard enough without the grief over losing his father. The best you may be able to do is make sure he has Internet, Skype and a cell phone plan with long distance. Might she let him visit you for the summer? Just knowing that might help him get through the school year.

Good luck.
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ziperhapsem : Your father in law's current wife has all the legal power in this situation unless he signed papers prior to going into a coma. If he is not married, then his living parents have that legal responsibility.

She has the legal power to determine if life support is to be removed or not. Doctors will not remove life support on a person who has a reasonable chance at living without the life suport.

The only way to remove your mother in law from this is to sue and get a judge to assign your husband as his father's guardian. You would have to prove that his mother is incompetent to make those decisions for her husband.

As far as custody of your brother in law, you will have to get permission from his mother to live with you. If that is not forthcoming, then you will again have to go to court and sue for custody. If his mother is not unfit, you will NOT get custody. The court doesn't care if he doesn't WANT to live with his mother.
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Normagree : I already bought the ticket for Aug 18.
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songfeng301 : Why not check the airport's website?
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DrAmbrroose :

Looks like flights will be coming in early and late in the day, it's not a total closure.
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IrredsPruri : I have flown with it before, and before I had just worn it and taken it off to put it through that scanner thingy. But the trip I am going on now is to the Dominican Republic with a lot of kids my age and it is going to be a super duper long flight. In other words, the thought of wearing my back brace sounds kind of agonizing.

So, if I put my back brace in my suitcase instead will it be okay? Im really scared that when I go to pick up my suitcase that they would have confiscated it for some reason :( I just really really really REALLY do not want to wear it on the way there.

Thank you
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Beaumbunsub : Contact the airline via their web site if you have questions about the brace. Each airline usually has a section pertaining to questions about checking through certain items in your checked luggage, or the security regulations for wearing some type of brace. A letter explaining the reason for a back brace should satisfy the TSA officials. Just present the letter if you decide to wear the brace, or include the letter with the brace if you put through checked baggage. Since checked baggage is x-rayed well before you'd ever go through the security line, if they had any questions about the brace, they would page you.
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multthict : Do you think you are not allowed to carry metal in your checked bag? Is that what you think? Of course you can carry metal in your checked are allowed to have tools, knives, all kinds of metal in your checked bag. there is no problem with that at all.
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