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FLUENCECOVELD : My father in law is getting screwed over so badly by his ex. She had an attorney, which is also a personal friend, he was never notified by either of them the divorce court date. She got the house, he got the monthly bankruptcy payments. The tax return was suppose to go to the trustee, and she did the taxes and had all the money put into her personal account. Also, her lawyer is telling him both names have to be on the deed until the bk is paid off??? huh. I need someone to help with my questions so I can help this poor guy. anyone?

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GroomoDropy : Tell him to get another lawyer. One specialized in divorces. Wish you a lot of luck!
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zocbystvp : Ok.. let me take a run at this...

You did not specify, but from what I read here, your father in law and his ex-wife were in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which had them both paying into a bankruptcy plan. He needs to immediately hire an attorney who is competent in family law, and also if the lawyer is not familiar with bankruptcy, will want to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer.

IF he is indeed in a Chapter 13, he has a right to partition the Chapter 13 after the divorce, which will separate his debts from hers, and he will make a separate bankruptcy payment.

The best help you can be, however, is to get him to competent counsel, and have that attorney answer the questions according to the laws of that state. While bankruptcy is a federal matter, divorce is fairly state specific, so you need an attorney in your state. For a referral, contact your local or state bar association.
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spooppils : buy train ticket to koh samui form swrnaabimani airport in thailand. buy train ticket to koh samui form swrnaabimani airport in thailand
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boottantajork : No. If you are getting into Suvharnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, you are going to be taking a meter taxi (which I don't recommend due to scams and overcharging). Research private transport companies online. You can find a decent late model car that will get you over that way, jump on the ferry and get dropped off at your hotel/guesthouse.

I would recommend getting in touch with your hotel, and asking if they use a transport service, have a transport service, or can recommend one for you. You can also try searching internet forums about Thailand, and see if there is anyone else heading that way the same time as you and split the cost of the transport.
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EduKui-Heru : No!
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JanoNease : I lost my neck pouch at the airport during security. After losing it, I asked the tsa agent to help but they claimed not to be able to find it. I am now suspicious that the screener stole it when I was in the body scanner. How do I report this?
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esyez003 : why are ASSUMING THE TSA AGENT TOOK it
what about another passenger
why are you so in rush to blame tsa when it could
be another passenger
remember we are innocent until PROVEN GUILTY
do you havce any proof the agent took it
mt bet it was taken by another passenger
but if you really think tsa agent [which would veru dumb
because all tsa checkpoint are videotaped
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engescues : Tsa agents do not get paid very well. so if it is highly likely they may have have stole something. also all tsa checkpoints have surveillance cameras. So they'll know what happened.
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demBiniadiack : To see how to file a claim, see the link below. Did you call airport, airline or hotel and ask if it showed up in lost & found?
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