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RoorINuhbor : i'm Jordanian and i get a job in malaysia what paper i need to take permit work visa

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CobyStoll :
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hervebwb : Only qualified employers can apply for employment visas for their qualified employers. You will need to provide all your documentation of your degrees (with transcripts, official translations & verification by authorities), experience, expertise to your employer's attorneys so they can submit it with their application.
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whetribather : Hey there,

There is 2 type of visa for work in Malaysia...Employment Pass for professional and labor visa for labor worker. Which category do you fall on?

Anyway just visit: for further assistance.
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Rinkaliskiply : So that would be my dilemma.. I'm wondering if razors are allowed through airport security..
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zIvigiorryize : If it is a normal modern razor there is no problem. If you use an old-fashioned cut-throat razor then this would be banned.
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POUGPULLYCOLO : There is no problem at all with the usual shaving razor - the type with the blades enclosed in a small plastic cartridge. I have taken mine through airport security many dozens of times and no one cares at all. It can be the type where the entire razor is disposable or just the blade cartridge. Both are allowed.

It makes no difference if the flight is international or domestic.
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npletcherbrl : Just make sure it doesn't exceed These 6cm or so for blades..
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roopMeewido : So, I have a necklace it's pretty much a small bag. It's a religious necklace and the contents are supposed to be only for me to know of. I am going on a flight soon and I am wondering If they are required to check it.
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Paisymomtoori : Everything is subject to being searched. They will at least want you to take it off and put it through the x-ray machine. If they find it to be suspicious they will want to open it up and look inside.
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