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Smaluemelmisy : So on April 18th I received an employment authorization card and my social number. I am not on a student visa or anything like that I was able to receive these things because I was a child when I arrived to the States. With the employment authorization card I also got a I-797 form saying that subsequent criminal activity after my case had been deferred is likely to result in termination of my case. A day after I received all these forms I got a possession of alcohol charge, things happened and I missed the court date so I got the charge.
Now my question is, is this misdemeanor charge enough for my case to get terminated? This has been killing me for some time now because my mom has been working for so long to give me this opportunity and the day after I get everything I screw it up. Please if you have any info or know where I can get some let me know. Thank You.

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uglg6n : It's not the booze but the failure to appear in court that's the problem. Had you shown up you'd likely have received a stern lecture and little more. Now you may have a warrant out for you. Suggest you consult with a criminal defense attorney and attempt to get the charges dropped.
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MAjaleesa : if you are an illegal
go see an aila lawyer ..or return to your country quickly
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ArtemQSD : time to get a good immigration attorney and stop fooling around here on Yahoo. I don't think possession of alcohol will do you in, although a DUI would. but you need professional advice from someone who'll have all the facts. if you do get by, better straighten up and fly right and stop risking your future for such foolish things..
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Poluza : The thing is,Im 15 so I guess its highly unlikely a "15" year old would be smuggling drugs to them.
Its Edinburgh Airport and I fly out to Turkey,Marmaris in 10 days.
Recently I had a dilema,I tried to bleach my hair which turned out in a disaster,my long brown hair completely snapped and turned ginger so I dyed it red and had to get it cut into a bob due to dead ends:(. I then died it plum purple and bought purple plum dipdyed red clip in extensions until my hair grows a bit longer because I am very embarrassed with short hair! In total there in 35 small metal clips and some larger! I plan on wearing these the day i fly out because of how embarrassed I am with short hair and due to me being quite chubbyish I do not suit it. I am very worried these will set off the metal detector and I will have to remove them,they make me feel so much prettier and make me feel good ith longer hair again.
Also could you take your own sweets in your hand luggage during security? thankyou:).
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tedThyday : If they are metal then yes. I'm sure it won't cause panic but I would take them out anyway. Just like you would your earrings.
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Ununteepheddy : Tell the police at the metal detector and go through
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ChetAnned : They probably will go of, yes. All you need to do is before you go through the metal detector you take things like belts, watches and necklass ect.... Of and put them in a tray where you put your hand luggage. Just take the extensions out put them in the tray and when you get to the other side of the metal detector put them back in. Have fun on holiday and hope I helped :)
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songfeng400 : I'd take them out from beginning. You can also try to get through and if it beeps tell the officers but they can tell you to take them out then, so it would be quite embarassing indeed..
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graiccabs : Any help with this will be amazing. I have seen a tour of deep south usa with contiki for 6 weeks at £2765 not inc flights, so around £3785 with flights. It includes accommodation and transport between destinations.Now i know this is expensive, so i wanted to know any other way to do it?
Do i just book accommodation prior to the trip? Or do i just turn up to my first destination and then look for accommodation as i go along and the same for transport?
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