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Joseph Qk : I had to pay a fine for a Municipal charge of $139. I was in jail at the time the judge gave me the fine but not for municipal. I have Superior Court tomorrow for an unrelated charge to the warrant/fine. the Superior charge is what I was in jail for. I am going to court tomorrow for sentencing to start probation for unrelated charge to municipal fine. Point is this Superior court is the main courthouse for the county and I'm worried they could arrest me for not paying the fine since that is the main courthouse for the county. Since I've been home I have not had enough money to pay the fine. I have been home since May 28th. I have not received any letter of a warrant for failure to pay my fine but I think the municipal courts still have my old address. So I am not sure. Can someone give me light on this? I have to be in there at 9am. My Attorney/Public Defender will be there with me but he does not have connection to my municipal charge at all just my Superior stuff. Should I tell him? Or not bring it up? I'm going to feel guilty and nervous the entire time.

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weesiuddy : Hi all, can someone give me information about how to go to Boracay from Singalong Street?
And if someone could give me the detail, it would be better...

I heard, i can use very to maintain the budget but:
- Where is the ferry station?
- How to get to the ferry station?
- How much is the rate to get there?
- how long is the trip?

And if i already get there, im planning to stay for 2 days, so could someone inform me the cheapest accomodation? i mean as cheap as it can gets, maybe hundred of Pesos a night?
Security is what i want the most, since i traveling alone... hahah

So there you go, hope somebody reply...
Thanks and Cheers...!
@greg S: thank you for your respond... about the accomodation i think i got it all wrong...
what i mean is hundredS of pesoS... hahahah my bad, the range between 100 - 900 Peso a night...
thank you very much...
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Artfooter : take a taxi to the airport, take a plane to caticlan or kalibo, make your way to caticlan jetty, get on a boat heading to boracay

there is no accommodation in boracay for 100 pesos per night
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Immuptect : My senior week is next June, and me and my friends are planning to go to Disney. However, out of our group none of us drive but we are capable to get our licenses before then. I have a seasonal job (summer only) but am working on getting a job during the school year.
What I was wondering was, would it be cheaper to get a round trip ticket and just depend on shuttle buses or should we drive? Would it be easier to just book a hotel with Disney and is there any tips you guys could give me?
Thank you!!
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necladatio : If you're only going to Disney World, I suggest staying at a Disney hotel. You should probably choose a value resort as those are the least expensive options, and they're still very nice. I would recommend Disney's Pop Century or the value rooms at the Art of Animation resort. They each have their own dedicated bus lines that they don't share with other resorts. (The All-Star Resorts share a bus. This can be problematic sometimes if there's a long wait.)

That way, you can fly into Orlando International Airport, take Disney's Magical Express bus straight to your hotel's lobby.

Honestly, if none of you are experienced drivers, and none of you have licenses and it is almost August, I wouldn't even bother driving. Depending on the states you might drive through, laws may vary about inexperienced drivers or drivers under the age of 21.

When you're there, you can take advantage of Disney's free, reliable transportation to and from the Disney parks and attractions. You wouldn't have to worry about transportation at all.

When you stay off-property, the shuttle services become less reliable. Some are okay, but most are less-than-stellar or are completely unpredictable. These off-property hotels might advertise a free shuttle, but what they don't tell you is that the shuttle only runs for three hours in the morning and then three hours in the evening, and that's it. If you wanted to stay and catch the fireworks shows at any of the parks, sometimes the last off-property shuttle leaves well before the fireworks even start.

Disney buses run every twenty minutes (more or less) and are absolutely reliable. It is one of my primary reasons for staying at a Disney hotel.

Another tip is that, if you plan on eating two or three meals a day, I suggest getting a quick service dining plan with your trip to a Disney hotel. You get two quick service meals plus one snack per person, per day. You also get one refillable drink mug per person which you can use for your whole stay at the hotel's restaurant.

If you're breakfast eaters, just purchase breakfast at your resort's cafeteria. It is the cheapest meal of the day by far, and you don't want to waste a dining credit on that. You can generally get breakfast for about $6 or less.

If you want, another option is to bring prepackaged foods, like Pop-Tarts or cereal bars.
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OXarden : Hey....I've entered a long distance relationship which is going to make me have to travel a lot. At least once or twice a month, how can I save money on buying plane tickets? How can I also make it easier on both of us? Also which airline should I travel with?
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Anne_7 : Which airline is an unanswerable question. We don't know which are even a possibility, since we don't know the cities involved. And there is no consistently cheapest airline. In May I took a trip of American for 40% less than it would have cost me on Southwest. But in June I took a trip one Southwest for about 50% of what it would have cost on American.

You can save money by buying tickets directly from the carrier, well in advance. How far? In general at least three to four weeks in advance. For peak times, as much as four to five months in advance. For Thanksgiving week, August is too late to be be looking. For three days before Christmas to three days after New Years, September is too late to be looking.
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Speemersmoima : Look online for cheap fares. Usually early morning 6am or later at night 8pm onwards are cheaper. It is dearer through the day.
Google 'cheap fares to ....' (Where you want to go).
Often travelling without baggage is cheaper too. Just take a backpack that will fit in the overhead lockers with a change of clothes.
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EliteScreens : Try Airfare watch dog. You are able to put your location and the location of which you would like to travel. They will email you when there are deals on that route and it tells you what airline has that particular flight the cheapest
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