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songfeng109 : illegal for me to defend myself?
I follow people all the time and have never been attacked, but they were usually law abiding citizens and not Thugs.
Some people may not be aware of this but if you are walking and someone is in front of you then OH wait here it comes you are following them.

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unummaphy : Why would you want to follow someone, Larry?
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nztjqvbovxna : you can defend yourself, but with no witness around you should expect to be locked up for assault, unless of course you kill the person then you could get charged with murder.
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zratxhvm : If someone is stalking me, you can guarantee I will confront them. If shit gets physical, that's on them.
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noelleterrao : You believed all the things OJ Simpsons attorneys said too.

"It it don't fit, then you must acquit!"
"I could not, would not, and did not kill my wife..."
LOL!!!!! Cons are so gullible, jeez.
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browadonha : That is not the way Zimmerman said the fight started, he said he was not following Travon but returning to his car, do you think he was lying or are you just fantasizing.
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erodoGagdug : I booked a flight from stansted airport and I live in birmingham....

National express is going to take between 4-5 hours (I get very travel sick as well)
Trains r too expensive

Is there any other way I can get there...I don't have a car btw.
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urbatotoona : there are no other ways
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Rabjossybop : There won't be any other way I'm afraid just make sure you take travel sickness pills and hopefully you shouldn't feel to bad! Hope I helped :)
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glenckistr : Depends on where you are staying and where and how often you want to go. Find out the costs and determine for yourself. Personally, I would head streight for Orient Beach and just stay there all week except for one day to go see the rest of the island. I was there on a cruise ship and saw the whole island in one day.
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