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nanadokilalo : I had to pay a fine for a Municipal charge of $139. I was in jail at the time the judge gave me the fine but not for municipal. I have Superior Court tomorrow for an unrelated charge to the warrant/fine. the Superior charge is what I was in jail for. I am going to court tomorrow for sentencing to start probation for unrelated charge to municipal fine. Point is this Superior court is the main courthouse for the county and I'm worried they could arrest me for not paying the fine since that is the main courthouse for the county. Since I've been home I have not had enough money to pay the fine. I have been home since May 28th. I have not received any letter of a warrant for failure to pay my fine but I think the municipal courts still have my old address. So I am not sure. Can someone give me light on this? I have to be in there at 9am. My Attorney/Public Defender will be there with me but he does not have connection to my municipal charge at all just my Superior stuff. Should I tell him? Or not bring it up? I'm going to feel guilty and nervous the entire time.
Who is trolling? You are actually. So Im reporting you. I see you everywhere. Leave people alone. I need real advice from real people.
Thank you Anthony. They are different Judges. I will bring it up to my Public Defender and see if he can help me. Yeah I'm sure the Municipal judge would only give me a couple days. I just hope not at all and maybe get this cleared. Cause the Judge saw me himself while I was on video and in jail for the Superior charge. He said pay on the 1st of every month til paid off.

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Prongedge : Perhaps.
"I'm going to feel guilty and nervous the entire time."
How do you feel bout trolling on Y!A?
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likelucyru : tell your public defender and he will bring it up to the courts and they will take care of both charges at the same time in most cases they will dismiss those fines unless its a mandatory restitution fee to a victim. But i would definitly bring this up to your public defender he or she can help. But if you where to do jail time for 139 dollar fee it would only be for 1 to 2 days everyday in jail counts as a 100 toward your debt, good luck and hope i helped
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ylmkskevmzx : Pay what you owe and stop breaking the law.
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rebecontannyM : Im looking for the BEST hotel in Houston, Texas and that is in the $40-70 price range. If their is any, please list them :) THANKS
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Sleedeetmesee : Days Inn Humble or Motel 6 Houston Hobby Airport
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xseooneku : Hi Dear Sir And Madam!
I want to change my return flight date for 17 or 18 august 2013, instead of 4 September 2013. so here are my some details of my return flight and company : Departure from Wednesday 4 September, Airport Cote D'azur terminal 1. Thursday 5 Airport Dubai terminal 2 Emirate Ek 78, and Thursday 5 September from Dubai to Airport Kathmandu Nepal by fly Dubai FZ 575.
I will be able change fee. And thanks for you kind answer
SHERPA / Mingmar Sarkee (adult one)
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nanadokilalo : Dear all, I would like to ask some questions regarding transferring at SFO airport. I will have 45 mins for my transfer from domestic terminal 3 to International terminal G. Will I have enough time for my transfer? If not, what makes me unable to get there? Please answer my question ASAP! :) Thanks!
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Dwedebeledima : You go from the gate at which you arrive to the gate at which your next flight departs. That's not very much time, though, depending on whether or not the gates are in different terminals. You'll want to find that out from your travel agent or from the airline directly.

If you go to the SFO website, you'll find a map and info about transferring from one terminal to another.

Don't get why you're asking what would prevent you're getting there, since there are many things that could result in that, e.g. your first flight is late getting to SFO, you can't get off your first plane quickly due to other passengers being "in the way", not being able to figure out where you have to go or how to get there, etc. For the latter, the gate agent at your arriving gate can help you, although there may be a line there. There's always an information board near the gates that lists what flight is leaving from which gate.
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popzqy : You can walk easily if your arriving flight is on time. Be certain to ask attendants to expedite it
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