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likelucyru : Can I get in trouble if I shoot someone for burglarizing my home?

I live in the state of Georgia and I was wondering if I had the right to shoot an intruder of my home without facing any penalties.

For example if someone brakes into my home at night while me and my family are asleep and I wake up run to get my gun and use it on them because I'm assuming they have a weapon will I face any charges even if they don't have a weapon?
By the way I don't own the home I'm just renting it. Does that matter?
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annemmartinp : You can only use the same amount of force as they use against you. In other words if someone punches you. You CANNOT shoot them and claim self defense...I would go to your local police/sherriff department and speak with the shift commander face to face.Tell them the situation etc....
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ExannaMaf : You do not have to retreat in your own home. If you believe there is an immediate and deadly danger, you can shoot them. You do not have to wait to see of they actually have a weapon. If you think you see a weapon, you can shoot. It doesn't matter if you rent or not, your home is your home.
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Soansiodo : I don't know whether Georgia has a "Stand Your Ground Law" or not but when you have reasonable cause to fear for your life, then you can use self defense. There is some nonsense about loopholes and technicalities but as long as you don't use excessive force (eg, shooting the person once they're fleeing or shooting them a hundred times) you can use self defense. If you don't have a Stand Your Ground Law then you can, and almost certainly will, be sued though. And if the cop is a prick, then they may try to file a charge but you shouldn't have a problem legally.
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EleneLymncype : You can have some heightened protections when you're defending your own home from someone breaking in. You can't readily retreat, and your life "fundamentals" are at issue. But you'd still probably need to prove that you thought the person was going to use deadly force themselves, and you'd still probably need to go explain everything in court at some point, even if you don't end up in jail. You're going to get "in trouble" and scrutinized any time you shoot someone, even if in self-defense.

You should probably contact a local attorney to confirm your rights, since it sounds like Georgia is looking again at its "stand your ground" laws and what's allowed, and what's not. Also, many rental properties don't allow people to have guns.
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Savannah_Hawaii : Renting doesn't matter. Read this:
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kehokimeFop : You absolutely cannot shoot someone for burglary (cue thumbs down tards). You CAN shoot someone who is threatening you or your family in order to stop that threat.

If someone breaks into your house the threat against you is implied. They do not have to verbalize a threat or physically attack you. However, the question is still weather or not you felt threatened. If you fire on someone after they put their hands up and lie on the ground then you were not defending yourself, you were executing someone.

For those with reading comprehension skills...

If someone is breaking into your home you CAN shoot them because breaking into a house is considered a threat. HOWEVER, to say you can shoot someone for breaking into you house is not correct. If that statement were correct you could find out where that person lives, go find them and shoot them...for breaking into your house. The justification for shooting someone is always self-defense. Always. There is no law, stand your ground or otherwise, that gives you the authority to execute someone.
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squidoooo : Anywhere with a plane
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VummaRoorbVag : Spain, France, Greece
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Agreerwer : The closest would be Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, but it's not difficult to visit much of Europe from Venice using flights from either of the two airports, the ferry or the train. There are also ferries from Venice to some of the Greek islands.
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