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enurmouse : I represented myself in small claims and not knowing what I'm up against. Obviously loss the case against a debt collector agency. My "answers" to my summons was pretty strong. 1st court date the plaintiff (collection agency lawyer) told the judge "we're not quite ready" so set a new court date. 2nd court date was a bench trial. I thought my affirmative defenses was enough. The judge was obviously giving me hints like "would you like to object to this papers?" I said yes your honor. Then she said "in what objection term/law?" That was pretty much it. I was shock and so unprepared. I didn't know what to say. Anyway I received a entry of judgment in the favor of the plaintiff. Now I have 30 days to file an SC-140 should I file it or just give in to the judgment?

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necladatio : If you couldnt represent yourself properly the first time against a trained attorney for the plantiff then what makes you think you have the necessary knowledge and skills in law to represent yourself at the appeal against a trained attorney for the plantiff?

For the Appeal you will really have to know the law in order to present your case to the judge, if you go in there not knowing anything then its a waste of time because you dont know what to object to or what to present to the judge to prove your case for appeal.

If the debt was valid and you owe the money and cant afford to hire an attorney to represent your case then take responsibility for your actions and accept the judgement...
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flalaydap : If you don't receive the Notice of Entry of Judgment (Form SC-130) within two or three weeks, call the small claims court and ask the small claims clerk to check on the matter. You may also be able to check the status of your case on a court Web site. Be ready to give your case number when you call. If you change your address, be sure to give the clerk your new address. Do this by letter, and include the name and number of your case, as well as your old and new addresses.

A small claims judgment is a public record that is often listed in the credit record of the losing party (the judgment debtor), even after the judgment is fully paid. To avoid marring a person's credit record, particularly if the losing party hasn't done anything morally wrong, some judges hear the case and issue a decision that becomes effective only if the losing party fails to do what the judge decides (e.g., pay a stated amount of money). This keeps the dispute out of the official records if the losing party performs. The judge has actually decided the case, but schedules a follow-up hearing to see if the losing party has paid the money or done the things that the judge has ordered. If the losing party performs the conditions described in the judgment, the judge will then dismiss the case with prejudice (alternative (4) under "Resolving Your Dispute Before the Hearing").
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phollespase : Why not just stay in your own country?
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acilivesserma : It's faster than swimming or walking.
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RewRokskype : it is fun to experience different cultures . and I love airports, and to cross international borders over land. like from Brasil to Paraguay and negotiate bribes with border patrol. eat local food and meet local women.
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FoodsPrer : You sometimes have no choice. Here are some reasons
Business trip
See? People sometimes need too or they just don't care.
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kevinmgibsonb : Yeah you are right, passports could cost a lot of money to get, in the US it's a hefty $165, and going through airports often are not very pleasant experiences. Yet a lot of people still travel abroad :

- to visit families and friends;
- to get an education;
- to work maybe they could make more money, or they could learn new knowledge and experience;
- to experience different cultures which could open up our mind, insight, imagination;
- to experience all the good things our own country does not offer.
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Kicoblilm : To see and experience the world.....duh! Life is full of hassle (long queues, long phone calls to the bank, filling out forms etc etc). Rudeness is very common, which is unfortunate but a sad fact of life.
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FLUENCECOVELD : I haver never had any passport problems or rudeness at an airport. if it did happen, so what...bad things occasionally happen. If I have the opportunity to travel that would not stop me. No need to cut off your nose to spite your face.
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