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tireargueme : I live in Kentucky and with 3 of my younger cousins were arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for 48 hours and were charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd degree ( Class B Misdemeanor) went to court and was sentenced to very strict probation until sentencing next Wednesday, First time offender, good kid, good grades, 15 years old, just a stupid mistake and regret every bit of it. The whole thing has scarred me, I'm losing sleep at night worried about going back to jail, what is going to happen to me? I am so scared and worried, I have my own private attorney, can anyone please help. Chances I will see jail time? To get the criminal mischief charge 1 other cousin carried the bag, 1 lit it, 1 knocked on the door, and I recorded on my phone, the guy had a surveillance tape showing it all. It was just a simple prank gone wrong. I regret every bit of it and am worried sick about court.

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MrJasonStar : So what did you do in the first place? Plus you'd probably just get community service or something, or even probation. I doubt jail time unless if it was really that bad...
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arroraceags : Hello,
We will be staying at 37-1 Gwanchul-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul. Can anyone help with the travelling options from Incheon airport? And walking directions if taking public transport.
Thanks in advance.
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Rinkaliskiply : So that would be my dilemma.. I'm wondering if razors are allowed through airport security..
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zIvigiorryize : If it is a normal modern razor there is no problem. If you use an old-fashioned cut-throat razor then this would be banned.
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POUGPULLYCOLO : There is no problem at all with the usual shaving razor - the type with the blades enclosed in a small plastic cartridge. I have taken mine through airport security many dozens of times and no one cares at all. It can be the type where the entire razor is disposable or just the blade cartridge. Both are allowed.

It makes no difference if the flight is international or domestic.
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npletcherbrl : Just make sure it doesn't exceed These 6cm or so for blades..
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rwosamia : I've been taking a self defense class, I'm a 5'5 female, 120 lbs and muscular. I only plan to be in Bangkok near the Yahnee Hospital. Should I hire a body guard to come with or something? No one wants to come with me
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stoffCitsmord : Yes, if you have good common sense you would not need a bodyguard, unless you want to hire me. Now I see why you want to take $15,000 to Thailand. Seem breast surgery is an option for you. I also see you never give best answer to anyone who helps you with your questions, and your questions are somewhat immature, which leads me to thing you are maybe 15 or 16 year old. So I think you do not have the good common sense needed to travel here, you will be a prime target of the scammers.
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jihuo1408g61 : Thinking you might be able to defend yourself might get you in trouble - If you do not provoke any problem, you likely will not have any - -
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