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WahAvell : I live in Kentucky and with 3 of my younger cousins were arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for 48 hours and were charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd degree ( Class B Misdemeanor) went to court and was sentenced to very strict probation until sentencing next Wednesday, First time offender, good kid, good grades, 15 years old, just a stupid mistake and regret every bit of it. The whole thing has scarred me, I'm losing sleep at night worried about going back to jail, what is going to happen to me? I am so scared and worried, I have my own private attorney, can anyone please help. Chances I will see jail time?
To get the charge we lit a bag of bathroom garbage on fire on a guys porch and knocked on the doorbell and ran, nothing was damaged just a burn spot on the porch. Just a practical joke gone wrong. Nothing hostile or aggrevated.

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mormbrarel : I don think you will receive jail time. So don't worry. :) good luck
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coachoutletolkc : Don't worry. This is a dumb kids prank. They'll probably give you some warning and a conditional record that goes away when you turn 18.
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kukusyomok : I am a US citizen flying in from Cancun with my children, what my question is will I have to claim my luggage and than enter customs with out family assistance than continue to the front door to meet family or will my family be where ever the baggage claim is at to help me carry the luggage? I am not doing a connecting flight Atlanta is the final destination just need to know where the family will meet you as well as if you cant get help from family is there someone else there to ast. you?
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urbawibbona : Now I am going to my hometown philippines and I want to buy gadgets that I want and is still packaged cause I'm gonna make an unboxing video in canada when I get back l,there is so many like 7 new phones and a tablet, I'm gonna give the other phone to my relatives and the rest of majority is mine and I'm going back here in canada where I live

Are the security on the airport going to canada gonna stop me and say that there is a problem with my load or im counterfeiting goods cause I really really wanted those phones for a long time and I don't wanna be charged ?

Thank you for answering
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xiaozh5p : You have to declare them! Otherwise it's fraud. You can only take things for your own use, not for everybody else. They will sure be suspicious if you wanna sell them in Canada. They won't let you go only because you say you've wanted them for a Long time!! This ain't gonna work!
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Isabella_Washington : so im 15 and im going with my 18 yo bro to nu, and im wondering what i need to get through
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Jonut : A lot of alcohol.
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sonNeabyPoone : If you are in the US and traveling within the US, you just need the boarding pass since you are under the age of 18. If you are traveling outside the US, you need a passport and the boarding pass.
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sherSarlefs : you need an airplane to board
by way where is nu?
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