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Apapyskyday : ....conversations Trayvon had.
There is not one shred of evidence Zimmerman got attacked, except for a cut on his head that could have happened any number of other ways during a scuffle.
Don't you think this is just calculated, OJ Simpson attorney like maneuvering by high-power Defense Attorneys that Conservatives claim to hate so much in other situations?

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alinkamalishka : No evidence Zimmerman got attacked except for the blood pouring out of his nose and head like a faucet. Yeah, thanks genius.
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bduepqmk : There's not one shred of evidence that trickle-down economics works either, but that doesn't bother conservatives.
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Tourcenpeno : I do not agree, Martin could have prevented everything by just heading home instead of back tracking to confront the "cracka".
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FriendLucy : Wrong, you are not a very good troll so you may want to take some lessons from your fellow employees, Following someone is not illegal but attacking them as Martin is....
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blelperneni : Trayvon Martin had just turned 17 three weeks before. A strange man was following him and he didn't know why. Trayvon was not armed. It's pretty hard to imagine a kid in that situation -- even a tough kid -- approaching a strange man and starting a fight. Trayvon's agenda was to get home, give his cousin the Skittles, and watch the game. He was talking with his friend on the phone. He was not in confront/attack mode.

Zimmerman, OTOH, used vile language in describing Trayvon, and seemed determined that this one was not going to get away. Every time he'd called the police about his "watch" duties it was to report a black male on the premises.

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srfecti644 : I've seen very few people say what I believe should be said. But I've seen a couple. And I'll be next.

If the guy was patrolling the area, he should have anticipated confrontation and been prepared, in my opinion, with more than just deadly force. A contact of mine polices his own properties and always carries pepper spray and a night stick (probably a gun, too, but doesn't say).

He says he's been in situations that could easily have left somebody dead, but he used the spray and threatened with the night stick (and, I'm thinking, surely a gun, too). So far, nobody has been seriously injured. According to him and other cases I've heard, that spray can put a seven footer out of commission. Only something like PCP keeps coming.

I don't know if Zimmerman was provoked. But if he'd had a system of non-lethal force, this tragedy and the politics it's incited might never have happened.
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Joseph Qk : You are deluding yourself. Don't try to delude others with your lies about the case. Zimmerman did not instigate anything. He was attacked by Martin. His nose was broken. He had multiple cuts and bruises on his head.
The police did an unbiased investigation and did not charge Zimmerman. The race bating pimps: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson agitated for prosecution. The US DOJ interfered in the case. The police chief resigned when he was told that he had to sign onto the prosecution's case. Do I need to continue?
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OBvallie : You are correct, in my country he would spend the rest of his life in prison.
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Wropoulkili : There isn't a shred of evidence that supports your idiotic version of what happened.
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