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myrtalegalkoh : 6/7/06 Pew Global Research poll:
-86% of UK Muslims think Islamic identity is a good thing; 75% of Spanish Muslims agree.
-Non-Muslims who think it’s a bad thing? France 87%; Germany 83%; Spain 82%; ; UK 59%; India 78%

7/21/11 Those agreeing with the statement that relations with Muslims and Westerners are poor: France 62%; Germany 61%; Spain 58%; Britain 52%; U. S. 48%

Pew Research poll 06/06:
-To the question, “Is growing Islamic identity good or bad? Percent answering “bad”: UK 59%; US 46%; Spain, Germany, France, 82 to 87%.
-To the question of concern about the rise of Islamic extremism in your country? Percent who are concerned: US 72%; UK, France, Germany, Russia 74 to 82%.

11/11 Pew Research poll (post 9/11) showed that only 17% of Americans didn’t like Muslims. Polls taken since then, throughout the West, reveal a dramatic decline in the acceptance of Muslims:
-3/09 ABC-Post poll on who “doesn’t like Muslims”: All Americans, 48%; conservatives, 65%; liberals, 40% (even liberals!).
-2/10 Le Parisien poll: 54% believe Islam is anti-Western Culture.

03-01-10, Financial Times poll: Europeans oppose the burka, the symbol of Islam: France 70% oppose; Spain 65% oppose; Italy 60% oppose; UK 57% oppose.

10/17/10 BBC News: Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have "utterly failed", Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

9/6/11 CNN reporting on The Public Religion Research Institute: "Nearly half of Americans would be uncomfortable with a woman wearing a burqa, a mosque being built in their neighborhood or Muslim men praying at an airport; 41% would be uncomfortable if a teacher at the elementary school in their community were Muslim; 47% of survey respondents said the values of Islam are at odds with American values.

2/21/12 The Daily Mail, UK: Communities Secretary Eric Pickles heralded the end of state-sponsored multiculturalism by vowing to stand up for 'mainstream' values by strengthening national identity: “The English language and Christian faith will be restored to the centre of public life,” ministers pledged today.

3/7/12 BBC: French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said there are too many foreigners in France and the system for integrating them is "working worse and worse".

Attorney General Eric Holder recently announced that the DOJ will investigate New York City ’s Police Department anti-terrorist program because it appears it singles out Muslims. But “the people” disagree with him. On 3/13/12 the Washington Post reported about the Quinnipiac poll which found that 58% of voters surveyed believe the department has treated Muslims “appropriately”; overall, 82 percent believe the NYPD has been effective in its counterterrorism efforts.

5/4/12 Daily Mail, on the French debate: Mr Hollande [a socialist], meanwhile, took a similar position to Mr Sarkozy when it came to special treatment for France's large Muslim community. He said he would not allow separate menus in public cafeterias or separate hours in swimming pools for men and women to satisfy Muslims' demands, and also said he would firmly support France's ban on the face-covering Islamic veils.

1/26/13 “Fewer than one in four people think Islam is compatible with British life, faith minister warns”

7/3/13 A recent poll by de Hond, the Dutch equivalent of Gallup: 77% of the Dutch believe that Islam is no enrichment to their country; 68% say that there is enough Islam in the Netherlands; a majority of voters from all political parties share similar views on Islaml 55% favor a ban on further immigration from Islamic countries; 63% are opposed to the building to more mosques; 75% want a constitutional ban on sharia law in the Netherlands. The Dutch figures are in line with a Swiss referendum on June 9 where over 78 percent of voters appoved of further restrictions on asylum. All 26 Swiss cantons voted in favor of the law.
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cheernacatova : "68% say that there is enough Islam in the Netherlands" from your rant
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NampDeemid : I think it has to do with how they like to be head people.
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RicyKcn 571 : Because Islam is the most intolerant religion!
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inferveOnerve : its just not compatible with western culture
and people are beginning to realize ,
the koran mandates wife beating
the holy prophet married a 6 year old
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mjohne : because the west knows more about the down side of islam that's why, I for one don't like the idea of being forced to do anything against my own will
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Smaluemelmisy : For the same reasons we don't Pray to Zeus or Jupiter or Odin.... It is the 21st century. Myths are for weak minds that can't grasp Scientific Fact and trying to Control or Govern uneducated people through fear in the name of some Imaginary Omnipotent Being is just plain wrong.
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HoisyLoro : Because people in the west don't want to return to the 10th century. It was not called the dark ages for nothing.
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QulunEaave : because they're fornicators and thieves
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cvdfmehk : I am Colombian and I will tell you why:

1. Europeans are very nationalistic and they like to conserve their cultures and their traditions. Most do not like it when foreigners go over there to impose their way of life and mostly if it is a religious one. Europe is secular and religion is always a controversial point over ther.

2. Islam has proven to the rest of the world that it is uncompatible to Western values, like democracy, human rights and secularism.

3. There is no Muslim country to can call: a free peaceful country. Even Turkey is not to be called free or peaceful.
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