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faitmellurfam : I'm looking for a reliable company/attorney that can help with my husband's immigration to the states.
I moved to the UK to marry him and live, but I'd like to return home now and I'd like him to come with me, obviously :)

Anyone know any places that are NOT a scam?
WE don't have to wait long. I was told my multiple lawyers/companies that since we've been married longer than a year, he could come out with me immediately after filing and apply for greencard right after. We do not have to be seperated. My mother is going to be his sponsor

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usbflashdrivekyi : I would assume that any lawyer in good standing with AILA (see link below) would be OK.

You don't really need a lawyer, but it's going to be more work figuring everything out by yourself, but much cheaper. If you are good with reading instructions carefully and filling out forms correctly you don't really need a lawyer. However if you have problems with that, then you are better off with one.
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Palgamdxorzjhi : gave you a lawyer yesterday

you return to the US
get a job
file for a spousal visa
he arrives a year later

or go through the
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SkipSnuntee : Nobody in the entire world has more interest in your case than you. Lawyers don't do this, their $10-an-hour office helpers do.

It's making photocopies, filling out forms with information YOU have to provide, often making mistakes along the way, and mailing an envelope. Unless your English skills are zero and your mental capacity is that of a retarded monkey, you better do this yourself. It's really not that difficult and hundreds of thousands (!) of people do this every year. For self-help, go to and read the CR-1/IR-1 guides. Piece of cake.

What these multiple lawyers told you is hogwash. It will take close to a year for your husband to receive his visa, whether you are married 5 weeks or 50 years. If you are married for less than 2 years by the time your husband is being "admitted" to the United States, he'll get a conditional, 2-year Green Card; if you are married for 2 years or longer it will be an unconditional, 10-year card.
Don't ask a barber if you need a haircut and don't ask a used car salesman if the car he wants to sell you is a good one.
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csyez028 : So I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow night and I'm checking my bag. I was wondering if there is a certain protocol for checked bags. I know liquids can only be a certain size if the bag is a carry-on etc, I just don't know it for checked bags.
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laasathkaqasa : The is not a liquid limit on your checked baggage. There are some prohibited things check the list.
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payollasywoRk : Just from some recent research online, both have a lot to offer in culture, history, shopping malls, festivals and both have airports.
If the Philippines is as nice and tourist friendly that I've read and heard, I would make it my annual vacation place.
Please advise either positive or negative. I have thick skin. I'm not easily offended.
By the way, I'm not an old guy. Not a kid, either.
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csyez016 : i have 6 hour stopover at Mumbai Airport. is there any outlet mall near by like brand factory . I will reach at morning 5 .i need to come back at 10:45..
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tireargueme : Well,

Even if there is , it won't be open till ten in the morning.Plenty of shops in the airport itself.
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ArtemQSD : Do you have a visa for India? If so, you could takke a taxi to Juhu Beach which is close to the airport and walk around there a little. Also close by is the Hare Krishna Temple which is in a nice, bustling neighborhood. A good place to walk around. Colaba which is a popular travelers area is too far for the little time you have.
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