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Sanyenlaple : I live in Kentucky and with 3 of my younger cousins were arrested and sent to a juvenile detention center for 48 hours and were charged with Criminal Mischief 3rd degree ( Class B Misdemeanor) went to court and was sentenced to very strict probation until sentencing in about 2 weeks, First time offender, good kid, good grades, 15 years old, just a stupid mistake and regret every bit of it. The whole thing has scarred me, I'm losing sleep at night worried about going back to jail, what is going to happen to me? I am so scared and worried, I have my own private attorney, can anyone please help. Chances I will see jail time?
we lit a bag of stuff on fire on a guys porch at 1 am leaving a burnt spot on his porch, he had a surveillance system which caught it all on tape

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Obseshach : Not likely. You'll most likely get probation unless you're a repeat offender. The court almost always cuts some slack on initial offenses, especially misdemeanors. Better act pretty agreeable while in court.
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attinkMatrerm : I have no idea what to do when I get to the airport! I am flying by myself and it seems scary, because I don't know what the process is! Will someone explain exactly what happens from the minute you walk in the airport? Thanks!
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Gofmeagogam : Es lo mas divertido, cuando despega las cosas se ven super pequeñas.
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cuando este despegando apaga tu celular
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BabFibShooria : So when you walk into the airport, you get your boarding pass from one of the counters (you go to the one that is from the airline of the airplane your going on). Then you give them the big luggage. Then you go through security. You wait through this line and at the end of the line, you give show the security guy your boarding pass and id or passport. Then you go to this conveyer belt thingy and you take a box and put your shoes and stuff in your pocket. Then you put it on the conveyer belt along with your carry-on bags. Then you walk through this little doorway that beeps if you have metal or a bomb or something (some airports have fancier doorways than others). If you have any liquids (water bottles, lotion, juice) you'll have to get rid of them. You can keep liquids if they're in really small bottles. Once you're done you grab your stuff and you find your gate, which is where your airplane will arrive and you will board. While you're waiting, you can find food or buy magazines or duty free stuff. Then once the plane arrives, the lady on the speaker will say something like "Will passengers in seats numbered 1-10 line up now?" and then once you're called, you give the lady your boarding pass, and she scans it. Then you go onto the airplane find your seat. And yea.
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EMPIPSADVERSE : So you enter departures for a start, and then you will see rows of check in desks. Look for a screen (there should be numerous ones hanging facing all directions) and this will show a list of flights with the information showing destination airport (usually a city name not a country, this will be on your ticket), flight number (also on ticket, make sure you're looking at your outbound ticket) and check in desk number. Once you have read the check in desk number and it says the desk is open (will also be on sign, usually 3hrs before departure) go to the queue for that desk and you will hand over your luggage for weighing and receive your seat number/boarding pass. Make sure you have your passport and ticket ready at this desk, and your boarding pass with them from this point on. After this you can go through security or wait as after you go through you won't be allowed outside again before the flight. Security will be labelled beyond the check in desks and here you usually dispose of fluids in hand luggage and remove jackets and belts before placing these in a tray to be xrayed. You then walk through an xray machine also. If this beeps, don't panic, you will be asked if you have any metal on or be hand scanned with an xray wand (regularly happens, nothing to be afraid of). Then you will be in duty free. To purchase things here you need to show your boarding pass (there are lots of shops and cafes here, in busy airports, in smaller ones there are less). Once again there will be screens showing the same flight details PLUS gate number and boarding time. At the time you can board head in the direction of the appropriate gate (lots of signs) and then wait in the lounge to be boarded. They usually board by seat number, so have your boarding pass and passport ready. When you're called they check these and send you to the plane where the steward will direct you to your seat. Once there you stow luggage in overhead compartments or under the seat in front, belt in and wait for the plane to depart. There will be a safety demonstration and then you will begin ascent. When the plane levels you can use electronics in safe flight mode, the toilets, the seat tray and the seat belt sign will go off to signal this. At the other end, the same procedure for landing then you go through the destination airport, showing your passport at border control and then collect your luggage (screens will tell you which conveyor belt has your flight's). Double check it's yours, then exit the airport and there should be a taxi rank and coaches depending on your travel choices. If you're with a package holiday they will have reps to help you. I hope this helps, don't be nervous it's pretty much foolproof! :)
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wbnefcahmyha : It is quite easy and there are always people to ask. Go to departures and look for your airline counter queue up to check in You should have your ticket and ID or passport in your hand . Your bags will be checked in or you keep your carry on bag with you, but they may want to weigh it. You will be given a boarding pass which will have your gate number on it The person at the counter will probably tell you the gate number or ask. You then proceed to your gate but need to go through security to get to your gate number. wait at your gate until they allow boarding . You will have a seat number on your boarding pass. If you prefer a window or an aisle seat then ask for that at the first counter when you check in. Give yourself plenty of time and you may have time for a coffee before boarding. It should say on your ticket how long you should be at the airport before departing Usually a couple of hours. Have a nice trip. And never be afraid to ask someone for help.
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grearoriure : When you come in the airplane it will be just rows of seats and you find yours (theyre labeled) and sit down. Then just keep avid on the announcements on the intercom. It will tell you what to do to be safe. As for the airport, you walk in, get your ticket from the counter, and continue to security. Be fast at security, as TSA is impatient! Take your shoes off, empty your pockets into the bin, and put it through the scanner. You then get in line to go through the body scanner. You just walk through and they either say check your pockets again or they frisk you, which is uncomfortable. But usually tehy say your good. By that time, your belongings are waiting for you in the bin. You pick them up, put them away and continue to your gate. The gates are always labeled. Like an overhead sign may say "Gates A, B,C (arrow pointing to the area they are)" You go through there and make it to your gate. You them must locate where the plane is. These are labeled as A1, A2, A3, A4...." for the A gates and "B1,B2,B3...." for the B gates,a nd same with the other letters. Locate your gate and get there. Look at the sign and see if where the plane is going is where your going. Also, check if the flight number on the sign matches the number on your ticket. Wait till they start boarding, and voila, your set.
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heerginee : I will arrive at Sydney international airport.
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EffodoGob : Would really appreciate some knowledgeable help on this!

Im an ex-pat living in South Korea. In 5 days my boyfriend and I are going to the Philippines for 2 weeks for the first time and we're hearing lots of conflicting advice on what to do money wise...

Basically, although not impossible, by the sound of it, it's pretty hard to get Philippino Peso (PHP) in Korea. Some people have suggested changing up 350,000won to USD as they accept them out there BUT they will only accept perfect crisp notes and we're not confident on our ability to not crease them up in two weeks (!) so we dont wanna have all these USDs that we can't use...

But is it better, exchange rate wise to spend USD in the Philippines instead of PHP? Im also wary of not knowing how much Im spending in USDs and getting PHP in change, not knoeing whether Im being ripped off :-S

So if we get PHP out there, better to do so at the airport on arrival or at a bank somewhere?

Equally, instead of changing it from korean won, I could change it from my English account in GBP if that's a better rate...

Don't really like the idea of travellers cheques, would like to just keep cash if possible. As you can see im confused!! Any help or advice is very much appreciated!

Not all that helpful. We don't have a credit card here. Please only respond if you have have any knowledge on the above! Thanks!!
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