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hamyarragma : Their philosophical viewpoint has changed so little since their NSDAP days, specifically in regard to their gestapo-mentalities, that I fail to see any clear cut differences between their National Socialism then and their progressive variation now. As the evidence of the Zimmerman self-defense case mounts... they seem to become more fanatical in their predetermined assumption of guilt... and yes... I side with the liberal "assumption of innocence" as pertains to conservative of rule of law... not the progressively socialist assumption of guilt.

Other than the fact that they use minorities as figureheads and accuse those who disagree with them of being "racists", "fascists", "nazis" etc... are there any ideological differences?
@Sarah ~ wow... do you have backasswards.

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OxillFige : Progressive Fascism is that what they taught you in homeschool.
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malininigor : Yes. In any white vs. black situation, it is assumed that the white person is wrong unless there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
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brilsBuri : It seems that way, unfortunately...
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Reittyengewem : "Gestapo mentality"???

It's YOUR party that continuously claims that "Martin deserved to die for being a thug".
It's YOUR party that continuously claims that we should have a police state where strange armed men with ZERO credentials should be allowed to chase and interrogate people in their own neighborhoods who haven't committed any crimes and are merely walking home from the store.
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wiesaddlibe : Zimmerman is guilty because the Chicago Thug Politik, its MSM, and other Establishment organs was able to push the "victim narrative," that Zimmerman was a white guy who used a gun law to stalk and kill an innocent little black ten year old holding candy and a soft drink.

I'd almost rather die than get labeled with "white racist child killer."
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Uloyalyday : The question is absurd.
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CristeCrype : Just stop talking about it! The entire point of the media's blabbering about this case is just so that you'll read their stories, and the more people read their stories, the more support they get, and the more money they get. It's all about the money, and what does it matter if one 5'9 latino/german guy shot one black 6'3 hooded kid one night last year? There are far more prominent cases to look at, so why the blabbering on about this one? MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, don't fall for their scheme, and just ignore it.
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Bbnolermef : What evidence is their that Zimmerman acted in self defense? Their is no witness substantiating his version of events. Martin was minding his own business when Zimmerman suspected him and begun to harass him. Whether or not Zimmerman is technically guilty of second degree murder, he is hardly guiltless of causing the death of an innocent Martin.
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PoitoProvemog : GZ WISHES he could plead guilty and get 10 yrs.

But the state isn't offering a deal.

AND the jury is permitted to consider a manslaughter charge.
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