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dyelommaccelp : I have some very incriminating Evidence that social worker lied to the courts. It was in her own report that we found out the info. We were cleared of any wrong doing by Law Enforcement and no other legal action was bought up. The Evidence is a audio recording from the appeal hearing. She admitted to putting the wrong info in the affidavit and the Hearing officer threw out her case and reversed the findings to unfounded. I want to bring an suit against them and wondering what type of lawyer do I need for this and its very hard to find one. Thank you.

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Turammapeax : Malpractice or Constitutional rights attorney maybe.

But most attorneys will not help because they do not see the profit behind suing a social worker who are generally immune to many activities because of the loopholes. That's why they made the findings "unfounded" oppose to being perjury.
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lineevafe : dex knows everthing ... let your fingers do the walking , but fair warning lawyers cost about anywhere fro 250 (an hour) to 500 dollars an hour and YOU being the plaintif have burden of proof... and MANY MANY delays later and your case does come to court IF it makes it to court even if you win you loose ... the lawyers STILL get their "fees" win or loose, you loose
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torgonitoh : My SO's brother and his family planned a 2 WEEK vacation to Italy and were to leave today. However, when they got to the airport the airline told his brother his passport would expire in 3 MONTHS and he was not allowed to board the plane so they had to cancel their trip.

This does not make sense to me. Why would his brother not be allowed to travel to Italy and stay for 2 weeks if his passport expires in 3 months? He has not traveled out of the country for some time. Have they changed passport rules?
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Uploalemasp : Some countries require six months validity on passports are exiting the country. Italy is part of the Schengen Zone and, for many years, the Schengen rules have required three months validity after exiting the country. So this person should have had around four months left on the passport before travelling.

The reason for this ruling is that he has the right to stay in Italy for a total of 90 days - as far as authorities are concerned he could stay in Italy and change the date of his homeward flight, they have no control over what he does. So, if he chose to stay 90 days, his passport would expire and he woud be an illegal alien.

It's the travellers responsibility to find out the regulations for each country they are travelling to and make sure their passport is valid.
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irriddick : YES passport rules have changed. Many countries require visitors to have six months left on their passports.

ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: Italy is a party to the Schengen Agreement. As such, U.S. citizens may enter Italy for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. The passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the period of stay.
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Artfooter : I'm flying from Miami to Montreal next week. Just wondering if I'll have to take off my shoes at airport security...or is that only when flying into the US?
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EricRU : yes u will so wash the smelly feet dude
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Kuolermef : Yes u probs will just wear flip flops
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kixtrarie : I've flown out of the US to Canada & shoes off is required.
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