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songzhang225 : Ok so i live in Houston (Harris county) Texas and I want to marry my boyfriend whosin jail on october 31st...I got more questions, when they have a 72 hour waiting period- so my marriage ceritificate says the 31st, do I have to go 3 days before or the day f the 31st or how?

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Toomadyettasy : Marriage by proxy DOESN'T work. If you can't legally marry him IN the jail, you can't legally marry him while he is in jail. If you need to ask WHEN the marriage certificate is valid, you NEED to consult an attorney to explain the law to you.
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dokoccund : take dokha (knows to some as midwaq) into oman airport. take dokha (knows to some as midwaq) into oman airport
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Pakwearce : Going to turkey from Bournemouth airport. Can I buy food from i.e tesco such as sweets and biscuits and go through security and go onto the plane?
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arrormaginy : you would be fine with sweets and bisuits . Its only certain foods that are banned . generally things that might have a tiny possibility of carrying disease such as meat products.
you may be able to find further information in airline or airport website small print "conditions of carriage"
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POUGPULLYCOLO : You can't bring food through the security checkpoint. You can buy food in the shops that are past the security checkpoint and take that food with you on the plane.
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Gapycrydaydaf : I have never driven to Los Angeles this early in the morning before and if Los Angeles roads are as crazy as they have always been whenever I go down there, I image it's going to be pretty crowded. I have to pick up my grandmother at the Los Angeles International Airport at 6:15AM. I live in Santa Maria so I plan to leave at around 2:00AM. When I leave for Los Angeles, would traffic matter if I take the 101 straight to the 405 or do would the 101 be so tied up that it's less of a hassle to just go on the 126 and then the 5?

Thank you!
I'm leaving on Thursday.
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mjohne : At that time of morning, there should be some traffic, but overall it should be light. Bottlenecks will still be at the 405/101 interchange, and going up the hill on the Sepulveda Pass.

If, as I guess, you arrive early, take Sepulveda North a couple blocks to In N Out. Grab an early morning burger, and sit in the lot and enjoy it as you watch planes land over your head.
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mmmbbbffff : The Mosque is situated near the high way to the right side of the road on the way to Savarnbhom Airport, from Srinakarin Bangkok
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